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Emmanuel Baptist Church has adventures planned for Bible school July 25-29

By Victoria Gooch

Emmanuel Baptist Church in Batavia will hold Vacation Bible School (VBS) July 25-29.

This year's program is called "Sun Quest Rainforest." Participants follow Jesus on a life-changing adventure, a week full of excitement and new experiences for children ages 4 to 12. Adults are welcome, too!

Heidi Richmond is back for her second year as director of VBS, held from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Registration is at 6 p.m.

“I love to see the kids' faces as we bring the word of God to them,” Richmond said.

Parable Falls Bible story, Rockin’ Rainforest assemblies, Toucan’s Tree-mendous crafts, Canopy café snacks and Jumpin’ Jungle games are the five different sections that the children will be going to to learn about Jesus and his disciples.

The children are divided into three groups -- the Amazing Anacondas, Funky Frogs and the Creepin’ Crocodiles. Throughout VBS the children will be learning songs to perform for parents and friends at 8:30 p.m.m Thursday, July 29, the close of VBS.

“Knowing if you bring just one kid closer to God then it makes the whole thing worth it,” Richmond said.

Nursery is also available for children younger than 4. They will also have the opportunity to hear stories and play games.

“If they will sit still for a story, they will hear a story, if all they want to do is play and jump around then that is fine, too,” Richmond said.

Every day the children have to learn a new memory verse and each day has a crazy theme, such as crazy hair day, backwards day and crazy sock day, just to name a few.

At the end of each night, everyone joins together in the sanctuary to watch and listen to the ending skit, led by Pastor Dale Gooch. Each night the children are left with a cliffhanger. They need to come back the following night to find out what happens next.

“Every child has something different they enjoy but the skits are the overall favorite for everyone,” Richmond said.

Emmanuel Baptist Church’s congregation has helped a great deal with VBS. They have given craft supplies, helped build the scenery and served as group leaders during the program.

“It would not be possible without all the volunteers, we have over 30 volunteers,” Richmond said.

Each year VBS has a mission project. This year it is the Care-A-Van toiletry drive. Each child will be bringing in donations such as: Toothpaste; brushes/combs; shampoo and conditioner; deodorant; toilet paper; Kleenex; body wash/hand soap; socks; and underwear.

All these essential items go to needy families in the area. Care-A-Van ministries are headed by Paul and Bridget Ohlson.

Care-A-Van is an outreach program that helps those in need around the city of Batavia. If you have ever seen a big red van or bus driving around Batavia, then you have seen Care-A-Van.

VBS is an opportunity for children to meet new people, get new experiences and learn about God. Come down to Emmanuel Baptist Church and see what it is all about.

The church is located at 190 Oak St. in Batavia. For any questions or information about the program, please call 343-4905.

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