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Message to Genesee County Democrats

By Charlie Mallow

Your County Democratic Committee meets and organizes for one reason only, to make sure that we can field a candidate to carry our line that represents your beliefs. It’s safe to say that as a whole Genesee County Democrats are a little more conservative in our beliefs than most state wide Democrats. We also don’t treat our county Republicans as the enemy or feel that we need to eliminate them from office at all costs either.  

The politics from Erie and Monroe County are complex and sometimes the selection of candidates from those committees seems without reason. We in this county rely on doing things the old fashion way, by meeting people face to face and weighing their personal traits. We look for a candidate that won’t overlook our county because of its small size and genuinely takes and interest in us, before they are elected. Our feeling is if they don’t know there are two area codes in their election district or where exactly our county is before they get elected, why support them? We have the opportunity to select the best possible people and that’s what we attempt to do every time without “outside” interference.
Democrat Jon Powers is an Iraq war veteran and has been endorsed by all of the county committees and has our full support in his run for Congress. Genesee County was the first County to back Jon, for all the right reasons. With our selection of Jon we influenced the other counties to just do the right thing and not go with the guy who had enough cash to win for the sake of winning. Jon is being challenged by Jack Davis who has lost the two previous elections. Jack has a ton of money and intends to spend as much as it takes to buy a seat in Congress. We don’t dislike Jack, he has worked hard for this seat in the past but, he isn’t the right guy and his time has past. Kathy Konst and Alice Kryzan are also running in the primary but, have virtually no support.  
The field might look crowded on the Democrat side but, if you’re a Democrat your choice is really pretty clear, vote for Jon Powers. Go to his website and read his plan He’s not going to be able to send you three or four color flyers a week like Jack Davis but, what he has been doing is going door to door visiting Democrats in this county, EARNING your vote in the primary. Jon has a huge volunteer staff, who believes in him as a person. They are motivated and truly believe they are supporting the right person. A persons character, stand on issues and work ethic have to still account for something in this world. Those characteristics should at least count in our County Democratic Party.  
County Democrat Chair


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