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Joseph Langen releases Spiritual Wisdom CD

By Joseph Langen
Event Date and Time
2009-12-09T18:35:00 - 2009-12-25T18:35:00


Spiritual Wisdom is an audio recording of selected writings and talks I have given over the past few years. I have pondered spirituality and wisdom for many years and would like to share with you a few of the highlights.

Knowledge is a collection of facts and procedures. Wisdom is knowing how to use our knowledge and actions in a well informed way for the benefit of us all. My CD, Spiritual Wisdom, brings together quotes and reflections on wisdom in a spiritual context as well as life lab lessons (65 ways to live a wiser, more fulfilling life) to practice acting wisely.

Spiritual Wisdom is available for $10.00 from Kunaki. Paypal and Credit card orders accepted. Hear a selection from the CD at

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