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Tonawanda Creek Watershed Committee Meeting

By Elizabeth Bentley-Huber
Feb 9, 2011, 11:45am
Event Date and Time
2011-02-23T18:30:00 - 2011-02-23T20:30:00


The TCWS Committee is a public working group of interested citizens including private landowners, governmental agency officials, municiple and tribal representatives from the four counties within the watershed. There are four different working groups to become involved in; Pollution Control, Flood Control & Safety, Habitat Restoration, Stewardship & Management.

The Tonawanda Creek Watershed Committee strives to be a successful regional initiative that serves as a leader in achieving cleaner water, healthier habitat, and ecosystem and economic sustainability. The committee intends to identify priority goals and projects, secure adequate funds, and implement targeted actions for the Tonawanda Creek. 

The Tonawanda Creek Watershed Committee's mission is to protect, conserve and restore the quality of Tonawanda Creek and its watershed by planning and managing its ecosystem resources for a sustainable future that enhances the vitality of watershed communities. The Committee encourages the active involvment of watershed stakholders as it works cooperatively to integrate and coordinate watershed activities and actions. The Tonawanda Creek Watershed Committee continues to meet on the 4th Wednesday of each month. Please join us!

TCWS Committee meets at the Pembroke Community Center, 116 East Main St, (Route 33), Corfu, NY 14036.   Please contact Elizabeth at 29 Liberty St., Suite #3, Batavia, NY or call (585) 343-2362 for more information.

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