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"Piercings for Pierce" to benefit 10-year-old Batavia boy

By Gretel Kauffman

Pierce Malone, a 10-year-old Batavia boy, has suffered since birth from Neurofibromatosis (NF for short), a nerve disorder which causes tumors to grow anywhere and at any time throughout the inside and outside of his body. Pierce currently has multiple tumors throughout his body, including many on his brain and spinal cord.

A 7-inch tumor has recently been discovered in Pierce's throat. It has started to wrap around the two main arteries that supply the brain as well as his verterbrae, and is very close to his voice box. Doctors at Strong Memorial Hospital are extremely concerned about this, and Pierce is in desperate need of surgical treatment. However, the doctors at Strong are not equipped to handle the treatment, and there are no NF clinics in the area.

There is one doctor at an NF clinic in Boston who specializes in throat tumors. The doctor has been contacted, but unfortunately Pierce's insurance would not cover the cost of the treatment and the family is unable to afford the procedure without assistance.

To raise funds for Pierce's procedure, local entrepreneur Jason Lang has organized two benefits through his businesses. Throughout the month of January, patrons of the Batavia Cab Company will be asked to donate $1. At the end of the month, Jason will match all donations up to $2,500. Additionally, on January 29th, The Laughing Buddha tattoo and piercings shop will host an event called "Piercings for Pierce," the proceeds of which will go toward the treatment of Pierce's throat tumor. 

For more information regarding the benefits or to make a donation, contact Jason Lang at the Laughing Buddha at (585) 250-4175 or visit the "Passion for Pierce" page on Facebook.

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