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June 19, 2022 - 7:00am

Darien Lake introduces newest thrill slide, the Wahoo Wave, announces other park enhancements

posted by Howard B. Owens in Six Flags Darien Lake, news.


Chris Thorpe, general manager of Six Flags Darien Lake, is a bit excited about the newest thrill ride in the park -- the Wahoo Wave.

Of course, he's already been on it. He wants you to try it, too.

"It's a wonderful experience where people will ride in a four-leaf clover to go with their friends and family and hit a 60-foot wave wall when they plunge down the slide," said Thorpe in an interview with The Batavian. "For me, the most thrilling part of the ride is when you hit the top of the wave wall and it turns you to go back down on the other side. You have such exhilaration and thrill coming down the slide when you get to the top. When you spin the other way, it's a little disorienting but a little thrilling at the same time. So it's great."

The Wahoo Wave part of the water park, which now called Hurricane Harbor.  The expansion of the park includes more seating and a parents' patio where parents and grandparents can rest and recharge -- not just themselves but their mobile devices, as well.

Jody Brege, public relations and marketing manager said prior to a ribbon-cutting with the Genesee Chamber of Commerce on Friday, said the park, entering its 41st season, has made a number of other improvements during the off-season, including new landscaping and more seating.

"We are excited to make New York's largest family-friendly destination bigger, better, and now wetter than ever," Brege said. "Hurricane Harbor will be the perfect place to beat the heat in Western New York this summer."

Photos by Howard Owens

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Chris Thorpe in front other the "selfie-shark," where guests can take selfies or Tik-Toks as they enter Hurricane Harbor.  Thorpe is planning a contest for children to come up with a name for the shark.


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