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July 18, 2022 - 6:29pm

Defendant in double murder claims he's not getting along with his attorney

posted by Howard B. Owens in crime, Alexander, news, notify.
wilson_princemugmarch2022.jpg cruz_raulmarch2022.jpg
Prince Wilson Raul Cruz

Judge Melissa Cianfrini recommended to homicide suspect Prince N.K. Wilson in Genesee County Court today that he find a way to work with his assigned attorney, Public Defender Jerry Ader.

Wilson is apparently unhappy that Ader isn't giving the OK for Wilson to testify at an upcoming Grand Jury hearing on the double murder Wilson and Raul Cruz are accused of committing at an Alexander dairy farm on March 11.

He also apparently thinks his case is proceeding too slowly. He attempted to make a speedy trial motion "pro se" (representing himself), which Cianfrini declined to rule on today because Wilson did not provide any information to substantiate his claim.

Cianfrini patiently -- and in very clear, plain English (no lawyer language) -- explained to Wilson that only an attorney could request a defendant testify at his own Grand Jury hearing, and that in order for her to consider his motion, he needed to provide supporting documents. And, because of the way the motion was made, the prosecution was not aware of the motion until today and by law needed time to prepare a response.

She also told Prince that as part of his motion, he needs to inform the court what it is he would like the court to do if the judge ruled in his favor.

Prince indicated he didn't think he needs an attorney because the Genesee County Jail has a complete law library. 

Cianfrini told Prince he had two choices at this point -- work things out with Ader or hire his own attorney.

Asked if he thought he could work with Ader, Prince said, "I don't know. He doesn't want to see the reason behind my actions.  I'll ask him a question and he will start yelling at me."

Cianfrini said she thought now that she had explained the process to him, perhaps Wilson understood things better and that communications with Ader could improve. 

"I recommend you go back and work on your relationship with Mr. Ader," Cianfrini said.

Wilson, 23, and Cruz, 18, are accused of killing  Elibander Morales, 30, and Marceleno Gomez Hernandez, 29, in a bunkhouse at a dairy farm at 10216 Alexander Road, Alexander.

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