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McMurray claims to 'dominate' WIVB congressional debate that didn't include all candidates

By Howard B. Owens

Press release:

Congressional Candidates Nate McMurray and Chris Jacobs went head to head Tuesday night in the highly anticipated debate hosted by WIVB News Channel 4.

The poll results today confirmed that viewers agree that McMurray won the debate in a landslide.

Tuesday evening highlighted McMurray’s strong resume and stances on the issues most pressing to Western New Yorkers and confirmed voters’ concerns that Jacobs is unfit to represent their needs in Washington after years of being deprived of real leadership in NY-27.

While Jacobs dodged any question as to whether he’d hold the current administration accountable and resorted to rehearsed, partisan rhetoric, McMurray repeatedly stated he’d stand up to anyone in Washington, from President Trump to Speaker Pelosi, in order to fight for the needs of the struggling families across Western New York and the country.

Both Jacobs and McMurray agreed the CARES act and federal loan program for small businesses were critical to help companies stay afloat, but Jacobs claimed the unemployment figures had improved and that the economy is fundamentally strong, to which McMurray rebutted in disbelief noting greater Buffalo has one of the worst job markets in the country.

McMurray condemned Trump’s tax cuts citing the wealthiest Americans and corporations, like Jacobs’ family and their multibillion-dollar empire, are the ones who have received the majority of benefits.

“The people at the top have already benefited from a tax cut that 83 percent of the benefits went to 1 percent of the people," McMurray said. "That’s wrong. He doesn’t understand what average people are going through. That’s why he thinks the economy is good.

"But for most people in Western New York, it ain’t so good. You [Jacobs] have been a State Senator for years, what have you done to improve things?”

NOTE: Duane Whitmer, Libertarian Party candidate for the NY-27, was excluded from the debate.

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