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McMurray claims to out fundraise Jacobs

By Howard B. Owens

Press release:

Nate McMurray, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress in NY-27, outraised opponent Chris Jacobs in the first FEC filing of 2020. Despite the challenge of fundraising during the pandemic, McMurray’s momentum continues to swell.

The campaign attracted more than 15 times the number of donors (1,683 total donors) than the Jacobs campaign (110 total donors). Sixty-three percent of McMurray’s quarter one donors live within the 27th Congressional District and 80 percent live in New York State. 

“Jacobs wrote his campaign a check for nearly half a million dollars and had the Jacobs family empire funneling him support so that he could get his racist attack ads up against me a couple months ago," McMurray said. "Thousands of struggling New Yorkers responded loud and clear by sacrificing their hard-earned money during a national crisis to stand with our grassroots campaign and reject partisan politics as usual.

"Everyday Americans have clearly had enough of detached millionaires like convicted Chris Collins buying congressional seats for personal gain while they are barely making ends meet. While my opponent voted to deny vulnerable New York families paid sick leave during this unprecedented pandemic, our campaign team made 50,000 phone calls to NY-27 families to check in on them and make sure they had access to the resources available to them during this national disaster.

"The people of this district have been without real representation for years; the outpouring of support from so many Western New Yorkers to send me to Washington is, in large part, because they know I will fight for all of them, regardless of party affiliation.”

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