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McMurray expresses concern about whether voters are receiving requested ballots

By Howard B. Owens

Press release:

Today, Congressional candidate Nate McMurray voiced his continued concerns about ballot integrity and voter suppression after the first weekend of early voting came to a close in New York’s 27th District.

McMurray’s campaign has established a hotline with the New York Democratic Lawyers Committee to continue to address the issues on behalf of voters. 

“We are getting reports that people are not getting absentee ballots they applied for and should have received by now, and some are being told to just go vote in person," McMurray said. "The problem is many are very worried about voting in person because of the health risks.

"That’s why the Governor originally expanded voting by absentee ballot. Now here we are just days from when absentee ballots must be postmarked by, and voters receiving them last minute will be under pressure to turn them around overnight wondering if their vote will even be counted”

Further, the locations of early voting polling sites had not been made readily available in all places. In particular, the Erie County Board of Elections failed to even post a list of early voting locations until McMurray brought a lawsuit compelling the Board of Elections to take action. Still, many are showing up to their usual polling location confused because they received no notice by mail.

“I’m not saying there is deliberate malice, but the result will lead to fewer people going to the polls because of widespread confusion," McMurray said. "And of course, it’s not just the voters who are struggling. Board of Elections employees across NY27 are exhausted and have little outside help.

"It is our duty to protect access to the ballot and elections integrity during this public health crisis. Every voter should have received their ballot by now and have basic confidence in the process, and the sad truth is, they haven’t."

Voters who are experiencing any issues voting by absentee or obtaining early voting information please contact: NYS Democratic Lawyers Council Voter Protection Hotline: ​(585) 213-1710, or email:​

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