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McMurray says Jacobs ads are contradictory and confused

By Howard B. Owens

Press release:

“Jacobs' new ad tries to portray me as some outsourcing tycoon when his previous ads tried to portray me as a socialist," McMurray said. "Chris is confused. Which am I? I guess we should just accept that Chris — as a Democrat who became a Trump-loving Republican — overnight, is always confused."

The McMurray team points out that Jacobs, despite having spent over a million dollars already on his campaign, has never talked about expanding healthcare, protecting social security, or building our infrastructure in any of his ads.

He is not interested in improving the lives of Western New Yorkers. He’s interested in lying about McMurray, calling Beth Parlato “nasty,” and trying to scare people about foreigners — first Mexicans now Asians, just like Chris Collins did.

What we should really be scared about is Jacobs' record.

“Jacobs has done nothing, despite years in office, to help working people," McMurray said. "He has been a shill going so far to hide campaign funds on the state level, paving the way for companies like Delaware North to fund these political aspirations.

"And who is Delaware North? His family's company. A company that really has outsourced thousands and thousands of jobs to Asia by cutting staff in Buffalo and hiring people in India for a fraction of the price. Look it up. Don’t be fooled."

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