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Message from county Mental Health about YWCA closure

By Howard B. Owens

We received a copy of this county communication about the closure, possibly temporary, of YWCA services related to mental health and domestic violence:

"In light of the current YWCA closure situation, most recent update as of 11 a.m. 4/4/18 is as follows:

The Genesee and Orleans County Mental Health (GCMH and OCMH) departments are working together to address contracted services previously provided by the Care & Crisis Helpline.

Another vendor is being secured as a temporary service for crisis patients. GCMH is working with Verizon to keep the current Care + Crisis Helpline number and have it (with minimal rings) be transferred to the temporary crisis call center. Verizon is working to have the switch-over process happen as soon as possible.

Orleans County Mental Health Dept. is taking similar steps.

Both Genesee and Orleans Mental Health departments have provided the temporary crisis call center with general county information to assist with information-only calls.

Domestic Violence services fall under the Department of Social Services. DSS is currently in the process of working out an arrangement with a local entity (likely our local Genesee Justice Program). Genesee County Mental Health will continue to take referrals from that program.

GCMH and Orleans County Mental Health departments are working to develop next steps for a long-term solution."

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