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April 21, 2021 - 11:56am

More debts from Tomaszewski's misuse of client funds ordered paid by bankruptcy judge

An order has been entered in Michael Tomaszewski's federal bankruptcy case declaring five more debts as the result of the former funeral director's fraud nondischargeable, meaning the debts won't be forgiven as part of the Chapter 7 proceedings.

The five individuals are owed $5,300, $5,300, $15,500, $15,500, and $8,750 for prearrangement deposits they made.

Tomaszewski, arrested last summer, admitted in Genesee County Court a week ago to taking more than $500,000 in funeral arrangement deposits and using the money for other expenditures. The money is supposed to be kept in interest-bearing escrow accounts.

He is scheduled to be sentenced for his crimes on July 13 and at which time he will agree to pay restitution to his victims.  

Not all of the victims have had the money they're owed included in the bankruptcy, which is handled by a federal court while the criminal matter and related restitution order is handled by county court.

In his bankruptcy, Tomaszewski listed more than $3.2 million in debts against $1 million in assets.

In his order, Judge Carl L. Bucki cited a section of federal bankruptcy law that says a debtor cannot discharge any debt that was the result of fraud or misrepresentation. 

Previously, Bucki issued a similar order for three other individuals. In all eight cases, the individuals listed in the order receive priority for repayment of the first $3,025 of debt, per person, under federal bankruptcy law.

For prior coverage of Tomaszewski's criminal case and bankruptcy proceedings, click here.

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