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Photo: Residents at Bank and Washington supporting 'the movement'

By Howard B. Owens


Kathy Poole and Patty Poole were sitting in their yard at Bank and Washington in Batavia late this afternoon with signs around them supporting Black Lives Matter, giving every car that passed their way a big, smiling, friendly wave.

Patty said they wanted to support the movement. 

"I feel like something in the system is pretty screwed up and there has to be a change and that starts at your home, you know," Patty said. "Spread the word."

As for Juneteenth, Patty said the holiday isn't just about black power. It's about power for all people.

"The color of my skin does not define me but a special day like this, I’m going to support it, of course," she said.

Photo: Kathy Poole, Jeneve (last name declined), Jaya, and Patty Poole.

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