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Photo: Restore flags at Main and Ellicott to recognize victims of sexual assault

By Howard B. Owens


Hannah Kujawski, education and outreach coordinator for Restore Sexual Assault Services, places a small flag in the ground outside the County Courthouse at Main Street and Ellicott Street, Batavia.

Kujawski and two other people from Restore planted 720 flags in the grass, one each to represent the 720 victims of sexual assault daily in the United States.

Restore, which provides a number of programs to assist the victims of sexual assault, is a service of Planned Parenthood.

Ricky G. Hale

Just for clarification: Is anybody allowed to "plant flags" for whatever reason, or for whatever organization, on county property? Or does one need to get a permit or permission? Just wondering what the process is.

Apr 3, 2019, 9:34am Permalink

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