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Republican attacks GOP candidate for NY-27

By Howard B. Owens

Press release from Stefan I. Mychajliw:

In light of United States, Senator Mitt Romney voting against Donald Trump and in favor of witnesses in the impeachment trial of the President, the Stefan for Congress campaign released Chris Jacobs’ financial support for Romney and fellow moderate Republicans that previously opposed President Trump. The American Conservative Union CPAC conference also refused to invite Romney to their national 2020 gathering.

Chris Jacobs has consistently been on the wrong side of Donald Trump by making numerous political contributions to moderates that opposed the President.

“Chris Jacobs is NY27’s version of Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush. He is an Albany moderate that hurt conservatives by giving to those that opposed President Trump. Chris Jacobs, Mitt Romney, and Jeb Bush are kindred spirits. They’re establishment Republican insiders that cave when asked to stand up for President Trump,” said NY27 Congressional candidate Stefan I. Mychajliw.

According to the Federal Election Commission records below, Chris Jacobs donated the following amount to moderate Republicans that opposed President Trump: Mitt Romney: $5,000, Jeb Bush: $2,700 and Marco Rubio: $2,400.

“Chris Jacobs supports fellow moderates that opposed President Trump. He never gave to Donald Trump. I question the judgment of someone that even donated to disgraced Governor Eliot Spitzer but not President Trump. Jacobs gave to Jeb Bush, but never to Donald Trump. I was proud to volunteer on the Trump campaign in 2016 when it wasn’t popular. I’m a consistent conservative that isn’t claiming to support President Trump just because I want to climb the ladder to a higher elected office,” concluded Mychajliw.

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