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April 10, 2019 - 9:08am

Today's Poll: Should the IRS stop offering free online filing of tax returns?

posted by Howard B. Owens in polls.
Tim Miller
Tim Miller's picture
Last seen: 9 months 1 day ago
Joined: Jun 20 2010 - 9:51am

The whole thing is ridiculous...

What next - Sir Speedy lobbying to make Americans pay for tax forms?

tom hunt
tom hunt's picture
Last seen: 1 day 22 hours ago
Joined: Jan 31 2009 - 9:08am

It is like allowing the fox to guard the hen house. Do you really think the IRS is not biased against themselves? Filing a Federal Tax return is like a giant game of Liars Poker.

Howard B. Owens
Howard B. Owens's picture
Last seen: 2 days 19 hours ago
Joined: Apr 23 2008 - 3:05pm

Filing a 1040EZ is pretty straight forward. Most people take standard deductions. All they need is their W-2, which the IRS already has, so there's little room for error or cheating on either side.

In fact, the IRS should simply enable electronic signatures to authorize submittal of the pre-completed form and issue refunds in near real-time.

Quicken trying to make some free-market argument would be like Sears saying the DMV shouldn't accept driver license applications. Unless you file something other than 1040EZ, this is a simple, basic government function.

Doug Yeomans
Doug Yeomans's picture
Last seen: 1 year 7 months ago
Joined: Feb 13 2009 - 8:28am

How about the government cease and desist unconstitutionally taxing compensation? Compensation isn't income. Income is a gain, and compensation has no gain. Federal government is a bloated pig, and rife with corruption. As soon as those problems are solved, how about we go to a spend tax and then we won't need to reconcile with the IRS under threat of arrest?

With that said, the recent tax changes has dropped my total federal tax liability from 19% on taxable income, to 15.5%.

Daniel Norstrand
Daniel Norstrand's picture
Last seen: 2 years 11 months ago
Joined: Jul 18 2016 - 10:27am

I agree whole heartedly Doug Yeomans.

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