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Video: Bill Walton honors Ricky Palermo on receiving the Major Donald Holleder Award

By Howard B. Owens

Here is the video of Bill Walton honoring Ricky Palermo, which was played at last night's Rochester Press-Radio Club Day of Champions Dinner, where Palermo received the Major Donald Holleder Award.  We didn't have the video available when we published our story earlier today but it's a great presentation speech and we thought you should see it.

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Paul Spiotta

What a fantastic tribute to someone so truly deserving of the Major Donald Holleder Award. Ricky Palermo is truly an inspiration who has dedicated his life to a cause that is so important to many people with hope for their futures. Bravo Ricky and thank you Bill Walton!

Apr 4, 2019, 10:08pm Permalink

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