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May 30, 2017 - 1:44pm

Week 4 co-ed softball results

posted by Howard B. Owens in softball, sports, batavia.

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The New Batavia Softball League's Week 4 results and recaps all from Kibbe Park...
The New Batavia Softball League's Wednesday Night Wednesday Night Coed Week 4 Recap from Kibbe Park...
Game 1
(Home) 97 Rock (3-1) 1,1,1,7,3,0,x
(Away) Wii Not Fit (2-2) 4,1,1,4,0,0,0
N. Cummings 4-4 2rbi
D. Ball 2-3 1rbi
S. George 2-3 2rbi
L. Stout 1-4 1rbi
D. Cummings 1-4 1rbi
S. Krna 3-4 1rbi
D. Cervone 2-4 2rbi
B. Gillagan 3-4 1rbi
K. Cervone 2-4
J. Quinn 1-2 2rbi
E. Davis 3-4 3rbi
C. Chinn 1-3 1rbi
M. Dwyer 3-3
N. Gaudy 1-3 2rbi
G. Hodges 1-3 2rbi
J. Stymus 1-3 1rbi
P. Mutter 1-3
J. Pal 2-3 1rbi
D. Gioia 0-3
N. Nicameti 1-3
D. Coley 1-3
J. Molisani 0-1
C. Hall 0-1
Game Recap-
Not to take away from N. Cummings who may never have a perfect box score at the plate again, but the women of 97 Rock really went to work. Batting 6-14 (.429 average) and driving in 5 big runs I believe was the difference in this game. Stout, D. Cervone, K. Cervone, K. Cervone, and J. Quinn all went to work. Takes a lot matching the bat of E. Davis this season who every time box scores are tallied has a full line. Krna starts off the 4th inning with a double and as they would bat around he would deliver a single later in the inning to drive in a run tying the game 10-10. Kim, Jenna, and Nate all score in the 5th to give 97 Rock a 13-10 lead which they would hold onto at the conclusion of the game. 97 Rock (3-1) takes their 3 game winning streak with them next week against The Misfits (1-3) at 9pm. Wii Not Fit (2-2) who has made every game suspenseful faces Andrew Steinbrenner's Allstate (4-0) at 8pm weather permitting...
Game 2 Wednesday Night Coed
(Home) Andrew Steinbrenner's Allstate (4-0) 1,5,0,4,3, mercy
(Away) The Misfits (1-3) 1,0,0,0,0,0
B. Spurling 4-4 2rbi
J. Huertas 2-3 4rbi
T. Maurer 3-4 1rbi
T. Lazik 2-4 4rbi
L. Chatt 1-4
M. Good 1-3
C. Spurling 2-3
R. Rowcliff 1-3
D. Callahan 2-3 1rbi
V. Redman 2-3 1rbi
B. Whitehead 1-3
S. Curry 0-3
J. Maskell 1-3
D. Pirincci 1-3 1rbi
Dio 1-2
C. Weibel 0-2
M. Ayers 2-2
K. McGill 1-2
A. Blanco 0-2
J. Potter 0-1
Game Recap-
Well this game started out promising for the misfits as B. Whitehead leads off the game with a single and would later score on a Pirincci rbi single. The Misfits would only give up (my fingers are burning typing this) a leadoff home run to B. Spurling in the bottom half of the 1st inning as the game was tied concluding the inning at one. Unfortunately the wheels would fall off for The Misfits following. Thankfully the wheels stay on the 4 Wheeler Weibel provides to drag rake the infield. Huertas and Lazik continue pounding the ball, bringing many base runners across home plate. Andrew Steinbrenner's Allstate (4-0) will have their double header next Wednesday starting at 7pm against The Gallaghers (3-2) then at 8pm against Wii Not Fit (2-2). The Misfits (1-3) will face 97 Rock (3-1) at 9pm if we can get some nice weather this year...
Game 3 Wednesday Night Coed
(Home) Wii Not Fit (3-2) 6,1,0,0,4,3,x 
(Away) T.N.B.S.L. Slapnut Magoos (0-4) 0,0,3,1,2,3,0
E. Davis 3-3 2rbi
C. Chinn 3-3 3rbi
M. Dwyer 2-3 1rbi
N. Gaudy 1-2 2rbi
G. Hodges 1-3 1rbi
J. Stymus 1-3 1rbi
D. Gioia 1-3
J. Pal 2-3 1rbi
O. Thomas 2-3 1rbi
J. Molisani 0-1 1rbi
C. Hall 1-3
P. Mutter 2-3 1rbi
S. Coffta 1-3 2rbi
B. Burg 2-4 1rbi
A. Ford 0-3
H. Rascoe 2-3 1rbi
Bobby Joe 0-3
C. Densmore 1-3
Whitey 2-3
M. Taylor 0-3
A. Nichols 3-3 1rbi
J. Cone 3-3 3rbi
J. Petry 0-3
C. Rolle 2-3 1rbi
Game Recap-
Wii Not Fit gets back on track after losing the first game of their double header slapping another loss to the record of T.N.B.S.L. Slapnut Magoos. Davis goes 6-7 with 5 rbi in the twin cap and Chinn really delivers in this game knocking in an rbi in 3 out of her 4 at bats. The bright spot for the winless magoos at least is that they lasted 7 innings in this one, showing massive improvement. Bad news is the gentleman need their ladies to pick it up and help them out. 0-12 won't help win many games. T.N.B.S.L. Slapnut Magoos (0-4) will look for their first win against a team not doing much better than them, the TF Browns Blind Squirrels (1-3) at 6pm. Wii Not Fit (3-2) will look to carry over their momentum against Andrew Steinbrenner's Allstate (4-0) who have their own momentum currently going. That game is scheduled for 8pm if the weather allows it...
Game 4 Wednesday Night Coed
(Home) TF Browns Blind Squirrels (1-3) 1,0,7,0,2,1,7 (18)
(Away) The Gallaghers (3-2) 5,11,0,0,0,1,3 (20)
M. Badami 4-5 2rbi
R. Sumeriski 4-5 3rbi
H. Dempsey 2-5 1rbi
J. Lee 2-5 1rbi
C. Harrington 4-5 3rbi
A. Ford 2-5 1rbi
M. Leto 3-4 1rbi 
M. Greene 3-5 1rbi
K. Rowland 1-5 1rbi
M. Jamil 4-5 3rbi
TJ Sauka 5-6 3rbi
Tom Sauka 4-6 1rbi
S. Prusinowski 1-2 1rbi
A. Prusinowski 2-5 4rbi
B. Culliton 4-5 2rbi
T. Sanchez 1-4 1rbi
L. Tillery 1-4 1rbi
M. Saxman 3-4 2rbi
J. Marucci 3-5 3rbi
J. Vasi 2-4 2rbi
Game Recap-
Not one single player on either team in this game fell short of driving in at least 1 run during this monster scoring game. The Gallaghers came out full throttle on the verge of ending this game early via mercy. Building a 16-1 lead. Every single player in the first 2 innings for The Gallaghers crossed the plate, including Tom Sauka who scored three times across those two innings. TF Browns Blind Squirrels would extend the game longer as they located their gloves and remembered how to swing a bat including K. Rowland with an impressive line drive RBI single lazering past the third baseman in the air, scoring seven in the third inning and shutting out the away team for three straight innings. TJ Sauka would knock in 2 runs top of the 7th inning to extend the lead to 9 runs after J. Lee walks J. Vasi just prior with 2 outs to load the bases. Home team with their last ups trailing by 9 has M. Jamil lead off the inning with an opposite field home run after being called out by teammate R. Sumeriski who said that they would follow his lead good or bad. The team responds and bats around to give Jamil a chance to tie the game with a runner on 2nd base with 2 outs. Garbage hit fly ball to left center ends the game as TJ Sauka catches the can of corn sealing the deal and the comeback attempt falls short for the home team. The Gallaghers (3-2) will take on Andrew Steinbrenner's Allstate (4-0) at 7pmWednesday night while the struggling TF Browns Blind Squirrels (1-3) square up against The New Batavia Softball League's Slaput Magoos (0-4) at 6pm weather permitting. The good news for both those teams are is somebody will come out with a victory as T.N.B.S.L. Slapnut Magoos are on a 4 game losing streak, while the TF Browns Blind Squirrels carry their own impressive 3 game losing streak.

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