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November 2, 2020 - 8:18pm

Whitmer wraps up 'campaign of ideas'

posted by Howard B. Owens in Duane Whitmer, NY-27, news.

Press release:

Duane Whitmer, Libertarian candidate for Congress (NY-27), wrapped up his Campaign of Ideas today with a speech called “Liberate the Farmer,” in which he made six proposals to get the government off the backs of farmers.

He previously gave major addresses of substance including on the following topics:
1. The illusion that the two major parties provide a real choice and the failure of the lockdown;
2. Why he will vote against Nancy Pelosi for Speaker;
3. Allowing young people to opt out of Social Security;
4. Calling for an end to Selective Service Registration;
5. A landmark speech concerning how American government has harmed blacks since 1619 and continuing; and

Whitmer promises that, no matter how the election turns out, the Libertarian Party will continue to eclipse the Democrats and Republicans in producing specific proposals for real change to reverse the long-standing decline of Western New York.

Links to the text and video of each speech are available at https://duanewhitmer.com/campaign-of-ideas-speeches.

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