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Woman charged after dog treated repeatedly for narcotics overdose

By Howard B. Owens

A 30-year-old Batavia woman is charged with injuring an animal after a veterinarian treated a French Bulldog three times for an overdose of cocaine or "some other narcotic."

Cassandra L. Elmore faces three counts of injuring an animal.

The dog was treated on May 15, May 25, and June 21 for the apparent overdoses.

Elmore is also accused of owning an unlicensed dog.

According to a Batavia Police Department release, officers believe the dog "got into" the narcotic but don't specify how the dog came into contact with the narcotic.  

Police believe Elmore owns the Bulldog.

The current status of the dog is not reported in the release.

Elmore was issued an appearance ticket.

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