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Call for entries to the Landmark Society's Architectural Drawing Contest for fourth-graders

By Howard B. Owens
Apr 22, 2013, 7:27am

Press release:

Attention parents, guardians, fourth-grade teachers and art instructors, the Landmark Society of Genesee County is calling for entries to the 23d Annual Architectural Drawing Contest for fourth-graders.

All Genesee County schools and homeschoolers are invited to participate. Please also note that the contest has expanded to include artistic photography and mixed media of historic sites and/or architectural details such as friezes, columns, etc.

Please be creative! Do not feel you have to copy from the "Architectural Heritage of Genesee County" book. Judges are especially looking for unique pieces -- photographs, images manipulated on the computer, etc.

Please send all entries by Thursday, May 2nd to the Richmond Memorial Library circulation desk or to Elba Central School.

The entries will be hung as soon as they are received on Thursday, May 2nd. This year's contest and awards ceremony will be held at the Richmond library beginning at 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 9th.

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