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Corfu FD treasurer responds to report on state audit

By Howard B. Owens

Statement from Bruce Fauth, outgoing treasurer of the Corfu Fire Department:

It is very unfortunate that there are certain people in town that because of their own actions find it necessary to try to tear down all the good that your fire dept. has done for the people they protect. The latest is the unfair reporting on the recent audit of the fire dept. 

The first statement of the results of the audit reads; “We found that the Trustees provide adequate oversight of the Department’s financial activities and the Treasurer maintained suitable records to account for the financial activity."

The auditor stated verbally to us that we are doing a very good job with our funds. Further, the state will always find ways to better the controls of the finances. The claims not included on the lists approved by the trustees were items brought up at meetings and were indeed voted on and approved by the membership. Some bills were paid that didn’t have supporting statements attached but I want you to know that they were all legitimate fire dept. approved expenditures backed by our recorded minutes.

I feel we had a very good audit report, but it’s too bad that certain people have an axe to grind, again because of their own actions. They find it necessary to try and destroy a vital asset of the community and I urge citizens to not put up with this.   

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Brian Schollard

Very well said Bruce. Thank you. As a reminder to any one interested, regular Monday training resumes January 9th @ 6:30pm . We are always looking for more help. I would be happy to answer any ones questions. Did you know it costs approximately $5,000 to outfit an interior firefighter? 87 hrs for basic firefighter? 140 hrs class room plus 12 hrs Emergency Room time to become a basic EMT? 24 hrs plus 8 hrs special driver training to be a Fire Engineer? 9 hrs to be certified for Fire Police?
Or to just set up a tour, I am giving one that Monday to a local Girl Scout Troop.
They made stuffed boy and girl owl animals and are giving us some to use. We will give one to a child that has been involved in some type of incident to try and cheer them up or calm them down.
Thank you to every one that has supported the Fire Department in the past and hopefully in the future.

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Eric [Rick] von kramer

I never felt i had the time, or the desire to be a volunteer fire fighter. When the siren goes off at some terrible, or inconvenient hour, i sure as hell am thankful my neighbors and friends did.. THANKS

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