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July 13, 2013 - 7:03am

Criminally speaking, fairly quiet night at Brad Paisley concert

posted by Howard B. Owens in crime, Darien, darien lake performing arts center.

The following arrests were made during the Brad Paisley concert at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center on Friday.

For photos of the show, click here.

Travis J. Sheldraky, 19, Burke Road, Dunville, Ontario Canada, is charged with disorderly conduct after allegedly causing a disturbance by pushing a security guard.  Sheldraky was arraigned and jailed on $250 bail.

Anna K. Rauber, 18, County Route 46, Dansville, charged with criminal trespass, 3rd, after allegedly being ejected from the concert venue and then being found within the venue after being told she could not reenter.

Ashley L. Shields, 24, Main Road, Akron, charged with harassment, 2nd, after allegedly striking another subject and throwing her into a vehicle fender.

Ian M. Emes, 20, Wayside Drive, Lewiston, charged with criminal trespass, 3rd, and possession of another person's license. After allegedly being ejected from the concert venue Emes was   found within the venue after being told he could not reenter, and was found to have another person's NYS driver's license.

Kiersten M. Salanger, 20, Coventry Road, Syracuse, charged with possession of a fictitious license and possession of another person’s license after allegedly possessing a fake ID and another person's NYS driver's license.

Michael S. Rawdin, 18, Shimerville Road, Clarence, charged with possession of another person's license after allegedly being found in possession of another person's NYS driver's license.

Emily M. Simson, 20, Dorrance Avenue, Lackawana, charged with possession of another person's license after allegedly being found in possession, another person's NYS driver's license.

The following people were issued citations for allegedly consuming/possessing alcohol under age 21:

Michael W. Mctarnaghan, 18, Groveland Road, Geneseo
Gabrielle M. Kwaiatek, 17, Alleghany Road, Darien
David S. Phillips, 17, County Road 37, Bloomsfield
Kyle P. Juda, 20, Stevenson Court, North Tonawanda
Alexandra B. Hubert, 18, Amberwood Drive, Amherst
Lindsay R. Lippert, 17, Cornish Heights Parkway, Syracuse
Kerstyn L. Empey, 18, Ellsworth Place, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Zachary M. Tiepiechowiak, 18, Woodland Drive, West Seneca
Carmen J. O’Donnell, 18, Elmsford Drive, West Seneca
Katheryn M. Layer, 17, Candlewood Lane, Clarence Center
Blair E. Budzinski, 17, Clardon Drive, Williamsville
Magnum M. Kibler, 17, Randall Road, Le Roy
Hayden A. Lester, 18, Dickerson Street, Lyons
Elizabeth A. Daley, 16, Curtis Parkway, Buffalo
(name redacted upon request), 16, Casenovia Street, Buffalo
Jacob M. Zimmerman, 18, Stony Point Road, Grand Island
Christopher J. Spoto, 18, Falcon Crest Drive, Rochester
Adam B. Kalivoda, 19, West 28th Street, Erie, Pa.
Ryan C. Farrell, 18, Payne Avenue, North Tonawanda
Nicholas H. Bluff, 17, Woodland Drive, Tonawanda
Chelsea R. Masich, 17, Highland Avenue, Buffalo
Nicholas M. Troup, 20, Route 31, West Holley
Philip J. Sipp, 19, Gary Drive, Brockport
James P. Fallon III, 19, Trefoil Lane, Brockport
William F. Maddison, 18, Michael Drive, Welland, Ontario, Canada
Chad A. Moccia, 19, Thorold Road, Welland, Ontario, Canada
Stacey L. Roegner, 18, Lawton Road, Hilton
Kevin J. Spitzer, 20, Foxwood Lane, Williamsville
Nicholas R. Novak, 17, Derby Road, Derby
Kailey S. Maronski, 20, Queens Lane, Hamburg
Danielle L. Aragon, 17, Hart Place, Orchard Park
Larissa M. Weis, 19, Treehaven Road, West Seneca
Rachel M. Spencer, 17, Hardwood Road, West Seneca
Kevin J. Adgate, 17, Treehaven Road, West Seneca
Maggie E. Hale, 18, Oatka Road, Warsaw
Thomas D. Elling III, 18, Thorncliff Road, Kenmore
Michael A. Prentice, 18, Lisa Ann Lane, West Seneca
Tyler M. McTique, 18, Hilltop Courts, West Seneca
Daniel U. Danovskis, 19, Molnar Drive, West Seneca
Eric S. Lipa, 17, Heather Drive, Lockport
Samantha J. Welling, 20, Florida Avenue, Rochester
Courtney S. Coots, 19, East William Street, Bath
Arielle M. Tomb, 19, Howell Street, Bath
Andrea N. Aldrich, 20, Crittenden Road, Alden
Michael J. Cipolla, 18, Water Street, Perry
Bryan M. Geise, 18, Ridge Road, Lockport
Corbin H. Grassman, 18, Timber Creek Court, West Alexandria, Ohio
Brandon M. Hasfurter, 19, Theresa Court, West Seneca
Kathleen Mazur, 19, Keller Road, Clarence
Alissa N. Macpeek, 20, Lincoln Avenue Ext., Lockport
Andrew R. Reinwald, 20, Clymer-Sherman Road, Clymer
Jordin M. Bernard, 18, Parkside Road, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Gina M. Ross-Detro, 18, Spring Street, Geneva
(name redacted upon request), 20, King Anthony Way, Getzville
Joshua J. Coffey, 20, Woodcrest Drive, Amherst
Brian W. Hayes, 20, Cayuga Street, Clyde
Christopher S. Briggs, 19, Nelson Road, Cassadaga
Gregory A. Snyder, 17, Barnum Road, Cassadaga
Derek J. Wise, 19, High Street, Cassadaga
Collin J. Ruge, 20, Nelson Road, Cassadaga
Jacob W. Kwoka, 19, Corinthia Street, Lockport
Laura C. Tait, 19, Carnegie Drive, Vestal
Ryan D. Dombrowski, 20, South Protection Road, Holland
Cody M. Slattery, 20, Olean Road, South Wales
Allie J. Whitehouse, 18, Maple Avenue, Wellsville
Alana M. Becker, 17, Whitestone Lane, Lancaster

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Wow, 16 sets of parents of under 18 kids drinking,lock em up so it doesn't happen again.Every one loves a police state.




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