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Man fined in Pavilion for storing unregistered vehicles accused of similar activity in Alden

By Howard B. Owens

Steven Weber, recently fined $4,500 in Pavilion Town Court for violating property maintenance codes, is also making people in the Town of Alden unhappy over storage of broken down cars on a piece of property there, according to Christopher E. Gust, president of the Alden Chamber of Commerce.

Gust said Weber owns property at the corner of Route 20 and Alaura Drive that has been used to store unregistered, uninspected vehicles for a long time.

In Alden, apparently, rather than enforce the property code through the courts, the Town of Alden Board can vote to levy judgements against alleged violators.

The Alden board voted to file a judgement against Weber for $42,500 on Aug. 19, according to a board resolution sent to The Batavian by Gust.

"The officers of the Alden Chamber of Commerce, which Mr. Weber is a member of, the Alden Town Board, the Alden Economic Development Committee and nearby residents are all very concerned about this situation and the negative visual impact Mr. Weber’s property has along the Town of Alden’s main east-west route," Gust said.

As of today, he said, Weber has yet to remove vehicles from the property. In fact, he said, over the past month Weber seems to have added even more vehicles to the lot.

Weber removed the vehicles from his property at 11076 Lake Road and from his parent's property at 11256 Perry Road.

Jacob Weber, Steven's father, was fined $22,000 for the vehicles stored on his property.

Christopher Putnam


If he cant afford to move the vehicles, how do you expect him to pay your fines and levy's?

Negative visual impact? Also LOL. Your town is full of abandoned buildings and shuttered storefronts.

Sep 6, 2013, 10:37pm Permalink

What is he doing with all these broken down vehicles anyways?? After alI I have seen and read, maybe he has a hoarding problem?? I mean that seriously, not as a criticism, but maybe he needs help?? I am sure other vehicles will appear somewhere else. Chris, he must have money, he purchased all these vehicles and that costs money.

Sep 7, 2013, 7:16am Permalink
Kyle Couchman

I can see some logic in Alden's actions on this. I mean really if it took taking this guy to court and fining him after other requests and attempts failed. Then it makes sense to do what resolved the situation. This is assuming that it worked in Pavilion.

Sep 7, 2013, 7:54am Permalink

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