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Photo: 35-inch pike caught locally

By Howard B. Owens

Every year about this time of year it seems, Kyle Kendall hauls in a giant fish. Here he is with a 35-inch, 11-pound pike caught at a location in Genesee County.


Kyle Couchman

Not really Tom the pool under the waterfalls behind the courthouse held a great deal of 20 to 30 inch Pike last year I mean ALOT. However last spring's flooding has cleaned that concentration out so there may be many miles downstream and throughout the western reaches of the creek that may now be honey holes. I'm thinking of many deeper haunts and holes all the way to Bushville that a 20 inch Pike could have holed up and may in the next few years create an incredible pike fishery here in GC.

I love how mother nature does this, while I mourn the spot back there behind the courthouse that I could take my grandson to catch alot of pike. It did serve it's purpose and planted the seed of a fisherman in his soul :) Now after this years spring flooding that abundance has been spread out to populate the rest of the western reaches of the creek. If you see me on facebook then ask about the pike pics, it was truly incredible for a while there. Its one of the very excellent things about our city and county :)

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