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The reviews are in: Readers love The Batavian and Early Access Pass

By Howard B. Owens

We've been receiving praise on multiple fronts for the introduction of Early Access Pass, our new program that gives readers the ability to support our local journalism in exchange for early access to original, bylined news stories.

Here's what readers have been telling us:

"My husband and I believe that you, Howard, and The Batavian staff does excellent work, and we appreciate your efforts." -- Kay Lennon

"We had been thinking about direct support of your site for some time. Even more so lately, seeing the new names and announcements of hires.

With yesterday's announcement of the 15th Anniversary (Congratulations, btw....) and unveiling a creative yet gentle way to entice people to subscribe, it made sense to do our part. We've always appreciated the site not forcing subscriptions like most other outlets do, because:

We believe that being connected to local news is important for a healthy community. Knowing what's happening in our own backyards helps raise awareness of events that we can have an effect on. We appreciate having an unbiased news source, and that is still free for our neighbors who may frequently face difficult financial choices.

Thank you for the excellent work, congratulations on the milestone and in being able to bring new workers into the business." -- Dan & Sue Jag


"I have been reading The Batavian on a daily basis since its inception. The Batavian consistently offers well-rounded, unbiased reporting on a variety of topics in the region.  One of the greatest features is the speed of the news to the readers. For me, it’s made traditional newspapers obsolete."  -- Mike Davis

"We're very impressed with what you are doing. The Batavian puts the print papers to shame!  Keep up the great work!!" -- Jerry and Carol Foster

"I read the Batavian because it makes it easy to keep up with local news and events.  You can access it at any time, on your computer or phone.  It is so easy.  Let's not forget the Deal of the Day.  Love the bargains."  -- Tabatha Torcello

"The Batavian keeps me informed about Batavia. We are “Snowbirds,” so keeping in touch is important to us. Thank you." -- Bill Lawrence

"You do great work.  Our community is fortunate to have you (Howard Owens and Joanne Beck) as journalists who capture news stories that touch people’s hearts." -- Robyn Brookhart

Sign up now for Early Access Pass. Don't be the last to know.

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