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Today's Poll: Should police officers wear on-body cameras?

By Howard B. Owens
david spaulding

ever see video of them trying to stop people from shooting video? they get very aggressive too if you don't obey them....ask that lady from Rochester who was shooting video from her front yard.....I don't think law enforcement is going to go for this doesn't lie, cops do.

Oct 17, 2013, 10:06am Permalink
Mark Brudz

Good cops will welcome something like this, it not only protects the citizen, it protects the officer themselves from false accusation.

Oct 17, 2013, 10:12am Permalink
John Woodworth JR

David, I hate to inform you but, it is necessary in your case. Not all cops lie in a negative manner as I am interpreting your comment and criminals are known to lie to hide their shame, intent, actions and so on. I for one would welcome such a camera because, it would clarify such incidents. A recording of traffic stops and incidents would also; show the attitudes people give along with verbal assaults, noncompliance of the subject/suspects and unseen hostilities officers have to endure. I know that; just because, some bystander video tapes an incident doesn't automatically mean you have the full story. Video coverage doesn't always (In some cases) give you the full story. I have known people to cry foul when they are the instigators and sometimes what looks like abuse is not. So, to make an assumption has far off base as yours is asinine.

There are officers who lie because, they are crooked and those who do such for officer safety and in performance of their duty, such as female officers who do prostitution sting and narc officers conducting a drug sting. Both are asked are you a cop and their reply is usually no or a sarcastic comment. Those officers who abused their power and make false accusation usually get discover sooner or later. Also, if someone resist arrest a officer has an use of force model to reflect upon. How many times have you seen on video a suspect state, I am not resisting yet, keeps fighting the officers from putting their hands together for cuffing. Many........

One last thing have you ever heard the phrase, DROP YOUR WEAPON!"? I have many of times and seen it on videos too. Does this not have the intent to have a shooter stop their actions? Obviously in your eyes, No....

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