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Worker for Waste Management delivers 4,500 door hangers to all the homes in Batavia

By Howard B. Owens

Meet Dave. Dave is an employee of Waste Management, tasked with walking every residential street in Batavia to hang door hangers promoting the company's garbage collection service.

Starting June 1, city residents will be responsible for contracting with their own refuse and recycling company.

Besides Genesee ARC, local companies such as Gardner Disposal and PSI (and a third one that will announce its new business soon), are competing for customers.

Asked if WM will offer totes, Dave said only if enough customers sign up for WM's service.

Dave's worked nearly the entire city since Saturday by himself, with just some help on Saturday and Monday. He had only two more blocks to visit when we spoke.

Elizabeth Downie

I don't care about totes... I've got a garbage can and two recycling bins, which are more than enough for our household. What I do care about is cost and if recycling is included. The company that can give me the lowest cost and include the most recycling will get my contract! (Great service is always appreciated too, of course...)

Apr 18, 2013, 11:33am Permalink
tom hunt

I received a glossy in the mail yesterday from ARC. I am interested in their low volume per bag option with a weekly recycling bin. I just may go with them.

Apr 18, 2013, 1:02pm Permalink

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