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Batavia falls to Red Riders in playoffs

By James Burns


The Batavia High School Blue Devils went into the playoffs as the favorite for the first game, but the season ended with a one-sided victory that had the Blue Devils fighting from behind from five minutes into the game. 

Batavia lost the coin toss, but the underdog Palmyra-Macedon Red Riders elected to kick. This was the start of their control of the game.

Batavia received the ball and was done with a three and out to punt. The Red Riders then took the ball and did almost nothing and then were forced to punt.

Unfortunately Batavia committed a personal foul on the punt and created a first down for the Red Riders. This early foul by Batavia changed the course of the game. Given a second chance, the Red Riders were able to drive the field and eventually score leading 7 to nothing a few minutes into first quarter.

The Blue Devils eventually fought back and answered with a TD of their own. This was quickly followed by another TD form the Red Riders that left Batavia chasing them the rest of the game. At the half, Batavia trailed by 7 with the Red Devils at 14. 

In the second half, the Blue Devils looked like they were going to change the course of the game with sporadic breakout plays, but they were never quite able to connect the dots and catch up to the Red Riders.  

As the fourth quarter started Batavia needed to score on two possessions to capture the lead. Even trailing most of the game, Batavia’s determination and spirit made the prospect of a come-from-behind victory seem very possible.

Unfortunately with a late fourth quarter interception Batavia sealed their fate and the Red Riders went home with an upset victory.

Final score: Blue Devils 15, Red Riders 32.

Congratulations Batavia High School Blue Devils on yet another winning season! 









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