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SCOPE rallies for awareness

By James Burns


Bill Fox, chairman of the Gensesee County Chapter of Scope (, and Daniel Crane, a self-identified American patriot, organized a “Peaceful Rally” outside of Batavia City Hall to educate people about Federal Bill HR 5087 and other issues pertaining to their perceived “chipping away” at the Second Amendment.

Federal Bill HR 5087 proposes the ban of assault weapons as well as many different types of other rifles, pistols and shotguns that are semiautomatic.

Bill Fox contends that the government is going about protecting people the wrong way, that the real problem is the government missed all the red flags of Nicolas Cruz in the Parkland, Fla., high school shooting. The real cause of the shooting, according to Fox, as he repeated a few times is “our morality and our ethical way of living.”


Brian Graz

I would agree with the premise that what is going on in the nation {with the increasing attacks against unprotected innocent people} is attributable in part to the decline in morality and ethics, and a disregard for life in general. Probably the result of the ruthless video games, movies, TV... endless wars the US continues to involve itself in, and now copycat reality.

The school shooting in Parkland FL was a *False Flag* - allowed to happen, and once it did it is being used massively to deceive the uninformed populace that law abiding gun owners need to be stripped of the Constitutional guarantee to "own and bear arms". The gun control freaks care nothing about the people who are killed, it's collateral damage to them. They wait for the next horrific shooting to use to further their agenda. {"You never let a serious crisis go to waste... it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before."}

{*False Flag definition: Covert operations designed, or used to deceive; the deception creates the appearance of a particular group being responsible for some activity, disguising the actual source of responsibility.}

As is always the case, the lunatics who perpetrate these horrible events are not normal, have some history of mental issues and/or medication, and always attack a 'Gun Free Zone'. Even the ones who kill themselves in the end, do not want to be confronted with an armed deterrent who can shoot back. IMO, therein lies the key to curtailing these outrageous happenings. When was the last time a crazy gunman walked in and started shooting at people; at a police station, a gun show, or a shooting range?

It may not be the society we want to live in, but sadly it's a reality {similar to Israel} that we now need to protect everyone and everyplace with armed/trained civilians. The police can't do it all... And in many cases like Parkland HS, or Chicago, IL... don't do what they should/could have!…

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Rich Richmond

I was part of the respectful and well organized informational rally. The conversations I had with the public walking up to us for more information was positive and supportive.

The positive thumbs up and honking of horns in agreement far exceeded the negative.

The only crude and vulgar behavior I observed were from a few classless young women on the passenger side of the vehicles driving by or stopped at the light.

They showed their displeasure by shouting profanities and giving us the hand gesture of the extended middle finger.

Crude behavior from these type of opposition people is nothing new at NRA or Scope informational rallies. I was standing next to Genesee County Legislature, John Deleo, and we laughed it off.

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Daniel Palmer

Regardless of one's stance in this issue or any issue floating around in the digital ether, when did it become acceptable to "cut and paste" a response and post it as our own 'comment'? Regarding the above post in support of this rally, I didn't even need to ask 'Alexa' if it was plagiarized. She spoke up without prompting and pointed out "...that comment on that batavian is surely cut and pasted..." Come on, ladies and gentlemen, let's formulate our own material. Right?

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Rich Richmond

Daniel Palmer, are you referring my Post #5. I wrote that, and I didn't cut and paste anything.
If you are accusing me of plagiarism, show us the proof, and a link to the source.

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Kyle Slocum

If you think the "story" about Parkland is about the gun... Well, you are either not very bright or not very honest.

"See something, say something: we won't do a damned thing about it." seems to be the FBI and Broward County Sheriff's policy.

When we can't even expect our public servants to act on blatant, obvious leads, by what logic does the idea of passing more laws that they won't enforce make things better?

Twenty-five years after the Columbine Report those Sheriff's Deputies set up a perimeter around an active shooting! That Sheriff should be facing charges for gross negligence. Either he and his command staff were so incredibly incompetent as to not have trained their deputies on active shooter situations, or they were so incompetent that they failed to realize that their deputies were spineless cretins who needed to be otherwise employed.

The FIRST thing that you need to do in an active shooter situation is DISRUPT THE SHOOTER. It does not matter what or how, knock the shooter out of the box. Better to have a high speed pursuit than a shooter in a gallery. Better to have a running gun battle than a shooter in situ. Better to have the shooter moving in reaction than able to corner his prey at will. Move that evil actor out of place. Quickly.

My blood boils when I think of that SRO sitting on his thumb instead of running to the sound of the guns. And the incompetent, ignorant (or worse) moron who told him and the immediately following deputies to hold a perimeter should be facing charges...

THIS is the story and the failure to react to tips by the FBI IS THE STORY. But our national media is a disgrace more interested in its political agenda than in the lives of innocents. Yes, I agree with Dana, they love mass shootings.

We can pass a million laws, but if those charged with enforcing them, those who we trust to be professional and to be there for the weakest among us fail to do their duty... None of it means anything.

I am disgusted with the press. I am disgusted with the Democrat politicians who are raising money on the blood of children. I am disgusted with the Sheriff of Broward County and with the FBI.

If any laws need to be passed right now they all revolve around making damned sure that law enforcement do their f'n jobs. Banning cosmetic features on guns is not the answer. Stripping unalienable rights from American Citizens is not the answer. The gun is NOT the story here.

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Randy Sliker

Did you Know that every county except the 7 around NY city and Cortland cty ,,Voted to Repeal the safe act ?? This law was shoved up the backsides of the good citizens By The Ultra Liberals Of NY state who control NY city !!!!! Since then The citizens have fought to repeal the infringements On Freedom ,,sadly I believe that we gun rights people have no voice in NY and as Such I Left for the freedom Found in the free state of WV ...-I tell people Im a Political Refugee from NY and they say ===WELCOME!!!

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Rick Hensel

Cheryl Saville, couldn't agree with you more. That video should be played every hour on every public, private, cable network, social media and any other means of public/mass communication. It's way overdue for some TRUTH to be broadcasted rather than all the liberal, left wing, democratic, anti-gun propaganda being spewed while the truth is suppressed.

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Tim Miller

I stopped reading everything once I saw “The school shooting in Parkland FL was a *False Flag* - allowed to happenand all the upvotes.

What the hell is wrong with you people who upvoted?!? 17 killed and you think this was “allowed to happen”? There is a special kind of stupid behind any logic used to come up with that steaming pile of poopoo.

But I guess Truthers need a fresh paranoid conspiracy to hang their hat on.

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Brian Graz

Tim, if you can't see where the Parkland shooting was allowed to happen, you are pathetically deficient in comprehending details.

"There are several reported examples of Cruz committing alleged crimes while a student at Stoneman Douglas. Cruz was involved in a number of fights on school grounds. He also sent several online messages threatening violence, and students say they told school administrators about the threats.

Cruz brought a backpack with bullets to school, which got him banned from bringing a backpack to school in the future. He told a fellow student, "I'm going to go there (the high school) and shoot it up."

Local police made at least 18 visits to the Cruz's home because of his hostile actions, including holding a gun to a relative's head.

November the police got a tip that Cruz "could be a school shooter in the making" but deputies did not even write up a report on that warning. And the FBI has admitted that it received at least two tips, one warning that Cruz was a possible violent threat. But the Florida Department of Children and Families determined that Cruz was not a threat, because he was in therapy."

Additionally, there were 4 Broward County Deputies (including the full-time school security officer/deputy) at the school during the shooting rampage, and ALL four remained outside listening to the gunfire inside. None attempted to confront the threat.

There's no Truthers involved here, rather simple, verifiable, facts that have been widely reported by many sources. Do some research before making ignorant accusations against others.

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Brian Graz

Sorry for you Howard, that you can't see it. This blindness is part of their plan to perpetuate these false flags. They know that the majority can't/won't look and see beyond their "official report".

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david spaulding

I guess I've got to say it...... a police officer/ law enforcement's job is Not to be superman. ..In fact a police officer has No duty at all to be a super hero and run into a burning building/ shooting to save anyone. It is quite possible the police officers that people, sitting in their living rooms, are calling cowards were trained at one time or another to do what they did. I imagine there are a lot of people that believe they would have run into that school, some have stated they would go in without any weapons at all, but until you are faced with the situation and you do run into an active shooting I will call you on it. It's easy to be a couch potato hero and that's ok . I believe any person who is brave enough to enter a situation like an active shooting, would never call out a person who would not....

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Tim Miller

Brian - I guess we have a difference of opinion as to what "allowed to happen" means.

One could argue, I suppose, that "allowed to happen" could mean that incompetency and failure to do one's job allowed the killer to kill 17 people. I would not argue with that - the flags were up, and people failed to act on them. Once the shooting started, the one person equipped to face the shooter failed to do so, and even told others who then arrived to stay back. David makes a point that not everybody who is an officer can be superman and charge into a dangerous situation.. but that was the guy's job, and he failed to do it.

Your "allowed to happen", taken in the context of your post, was that this was an organized situation where folks planned on not taking action so that the guy could walk into a school and kill 17 people. Now that is a conspiracy theory, worthy of Truthers, Birthers, and Lizard People.

Could this shooting have been avoided? ABSOLUTELY!!! And it should have. But to declare it was a false flag (your "allowed to happen") is ridiculous.

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Ed Hartgrove

I concur with him.
Just not gonna say which one.

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Brian Graz

Howard #22; Your "sound reason" is not very sound. There is no conspiracy, but rather cold hard facts. How many red flags and warnings should authorities need before they act, and/or are prepared to act in a worse case scenario?

Tim #23; It is a verifiable fact that there was an agreement in place between the Broward School superintendent and local law enforcement to not take legal action against student misconduct, even felonious activity. The deputies that day were following that procedure. A procedure that was not only negligent, but criminal.

You two might get the connection(?) if you research the Obama/Holder PROMISE Program, and the 'irresponsible' involvement with it by the Broward school district and Broward Sheriff's Office. Turn a blind eye on students committing criminal conduct, give the illusion that the school is cleaning up it's act, and the Feds will send more money. Prior to Feb 14, Broward has received $54M.

{don't miss the connection of Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie <…; and former Chief Operations Officer for the financial aid program of the Dept of Education, James Runcie (his brother) <…; who resigned abruptly, upon being called to testify before Congress about more than $6 billion in "improper payments"}…

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Howard B. Owens

Brian, nothing you've presented adds up to a premeditated conspiracy not to do anything. Any conclusion that there is totally nuts.

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Tim Miller

Brian...that was GENIUS!!! You were able to blame President Obama for a shooting that occurred over a year AFTER President Obama left office. Shoot - the kid didn't even buy the gun until after Trump was inaugurated. (not making a connection between Trump's taking office and the gun buy - sometimes two activities occur around the same time with no correlation)

Besides - I thought Obama took all your guns. :-P

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Brian Graz

Tim, If you researched the PROMISE Program (very doubtful) and can't see a connection, you are pretty hopeless.
The PROMISE Program was an Obama creation, it is the reason why this crazy kid was "allowed" to go unchecked after numerous warnings and direct threats... because the PROMISE scheme abdicated the police from taking decisive action against trouble causing students on and off campus (even including felony activities). Thus Cruz was not only "allowed" to go unchecked, BUT he was "allowed" to do his killing rampage while the Broward Deputies "stood down" in accordance to the terms their department had entered into via PROMISE and the Broward School Superintendent. And as Hartgrove showed in #27 - Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone... they have "discretion". So there is harm, but no foul here! Let's hope the next time things turn out better... especially now that the impetus is to arm all our schools with law enforcement that has "no Constitutional Duty to Protect anyone", and plus have "discretion" as to whether they pursue and seek to engage and eliminate an active shooter.

Your conclusions are mindless. Although you are partly right... Obama took some guns away... seemingly from the Deputies at Parkland HS.

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