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Fair and Equal Representation

By Jennifer Keys

We don’t think that everyone in the village of LeRoy is being represented fairly and equally. 

We are running for office for Village Trustee positions, because we believe in fair and equal representation.

We are concerned about a local law proposing that sidewalks be paid for by the adjacent landowner.  That’s unfair because: 1) not all people in LeRoy have sidewalks yet they have equal access to the existing sidewalks; 2) people who live on corner lots will be responsible for twice as much sidewalk as the average homeowner; 3) the law is discriminatory because the Village can come to homeowners demanding replacement of sidewalks without a reason why. 

Sidewalks are a community asset and should be paid for equally by the community.  On February 23, Senator Orrin Hatch, long-time member of the Senate Judicial Committee, said that it was unconstitutional to force someone to buy anything they don’t want to buy.  Furthermore, he said that if they get away with it, your rights are gone, and they can force you to do just about anything they want.

We agree with current Democratic Trustee Greg Rogers that we shouldn’t change the law and that we should fund the line item in the budget each year to repair and maintain the sidewalk system.

This is just one of our concerns about our community.  Please save these three dates:

·        Tuesday, March 9 at 7:00 p.m. at the Greens of LeRoy, 1 West Ave., for the Meet the Candidates Night, where you will be able to ask the

candidates questions;

·        Wednesday, March 10 at 7:00 p.m. at the Village Hall to voice your opinion in the Public Hearing regarding the proposed sidewalk law;

·        Saturday, March 13 at 1:30 p.m. at Java’s on Main St. to meet us, your Democratic candidates.  Join us for coffee and cookies, and bring us your concerns about the Village of LeRoy, regardless of your party affiliation.


Jennifer Keys

Jim DeLooze

Ray Yacuzzo

Jennifer Keys and Jim DeLooze are on the right side of this one! There are many homeowners who have no sidewalks in front of their houses. There are streets with walks only on one side and at least one very long street with none. Walks on one side may be entirely sufficient, and ecologically there is probably no need for more impervious surfaces. Many years ago I sat on the Village Board and wrestled with this same question until a very senior member of the board spoke up after hearing all of the arguments. Harold 'Bud' Niccloy said "I have always thought that a person had the same right to walk as to drive a car. Are we going to charge for street repairs and plowing in front of each house now?" In my mind, Bud had reduced the argument to absurdity. The sidewalks are a public convenience and asset and the argument that individual homeowners should be charged for them is equally absurd today.

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Jennifer Keys

Thank you, Ray, for your comment. Unfortunately I didn't tag this correctly and I'm concerned that people won't see your comment. Would you consider reposting it on the "new" article that has been tagged correctly. It would seem I forgot the space in Le Roy, so this post isn't showing on the home page or the Le Roy page. Thanks. :)

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