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CCOR's new Batavia base a 'close-to-home' connection for personal care

By Joanne Beck
CCOR open house in Batavia
CCOR Chief Operating Officer Molly Dillon, left, Board Chairman and agency founder Al Gauvin, and CEO Cheryl Dinolfo, and staff Brooke Findlay, Angela Gioia and Amber Tower celebrate the agency's second licensed location and a presence in Genesee County with an open house Thursday in Batavia.
Photo by Howard Owens

Staff and leadership of CCOR — Companion Care of Rochester — celebrated the return of an office to Batavia Thursday with a meet-and-greet open house at the agency’s satellite office that serves Genesee and Orleans counties.

This is CCOR's second licensed office, and it has landed at 32 Ellicott St. downtown. While recruiting efforts may have been hampered during those pandemic months, Communications Manager Brooke Findlay said the agency now has built up a local base of 860 aides.

“I feel like during COVID, as with a lot of other agencies, we certainly felt the struggle. But I would say in the last several months our recruiting efforts have really been ramped up. And we've been able to find some really great candidates and onboard more people than we had in the past couple of years,” she said. “We want people to know that we are a family-owned and operated company. We've been serving Western New York for 27 years.

“And we just want to be able to be the people in the homes that are taking care of our clients when their loved ones can't be there,” she said. “We just are excited to kind of be making this appearance in Genesee County and serving the residents of Batavia.”

The agency was founded by Al Gauvin of Rochester, who remains involved as board chairman. 

The Ellicott Street office opened in late August 2023 to serve both home care service clients and people looking for work as personal health care aides and managers. Findlay said tuition-free training and certification are provided so that employees can become personal care assistants.

Services include grocery shopping, meal preparation, household chores and companionship, as well as assisting folks with hands-on care, such as bathing, getting in and out of bed, and personal care needs. Aides don’t dispense medications, she said. 

Care is provided in the home, apartment buildings or independent living communities for clients, she said. CCOR’s goal is a simple and continuous one, Chief Operating Officer Molly Dillon said.

“Our goal is to reach underserved areas where we have a lot of great team members,” Dillon said. “And we already have a lot of great clients out in Genesee County, and we're looking to have more of a presence out here. We're very excited to be back in Batavia. We've had an office in Batavia in the past, and it's really been a big, close-to-home kind of location for us. So we're just really excited to be here right now.”

She further explained the Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance Program, which is “where people can take care of a friend or a family member and the consumer is kind of leading the care, hiring, and oversight.” Through that program, the agency has more than 350 aides comprised of family members and friends of clients.

“And we provide payroll processing, some training and support programs,” she said. 

A staff of five people and 12 local aides work out of the Batavia office, and “we’re always bringing on more,” she said. 

Clients typically get started by phone or through the website by completing a needs assessment, which is right on the home page. This allows staff to learn what clients are looking for. You are most likely to begin with Amber Tower, who wears two hats: billing specialist and office coordinator. 

There are a variety of ways to pay for the service, including Medicaid, long-term care, insurance, and private pay, Dillon said. 

“And we also do work with a lot of long-term insurance companies as well,” she said, as Findlay added, “We’ll work with the insurance company or the Medicaid contract to make sure that they get the services.”

Prospective employees may also search for open positions and submit applications on the website. Findlay said client safety is part of the process.

“We do background checks; we also do the training in-house. So we're spending 40 hours with the aides. When they come to us for employment, we’re doing that training with them,” she said. “So we are able to kind of interact with the people for a solid week before they're being sent into a client's home.”

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