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Genesee County jail phone system being worked on, IT director says

By Joanne Beck

Given the frequency of phone issues at Genesee County Jail recently, The Batavian contacted the county to find out what was going on, and if other county offices were experiencing similar phone connection problems.

Michael Burns, director of Information Technology for the county IT Department, said that the current problem is that the jail’s main phone number is not rolling over to other available internal phone extensions when more than one call is received. 

“Single calls are connecting as expected. The vendors who supply phone services to the jail are working on this issue,” Burns said Friday afternoon. “This current issue is not related to the previous recent problems that the Jail experienced. This current issue is isolated to the Jail and does not affect other county phones.”

There have been a number of times that the public has been advised to call an alternate number due to the main number at the county Jail being out of service, including Friday.

If you dial the main phone number, 585-343-0838, and it is busy or you cannot get through, call 585-343-0839 or 585-343-0840.  

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