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First time fishing: a youngster's evening spent with dad & the guys


Two year old Evan Patric, geared up with "floaties," takes his father's hand as he prepares to embark on his first fishing adventure.

Evan is nestled close to his father, James, as the boat leaves the dock. That's Joe Schlossel Jr. in the stern, rigging the tackle.

I'm not sure what dialogue took place here, but judging from his expression, Evan seems to be saying, "where are the fish?" 

With his dad's help, Evan takes hold of the fishing rod.

Given a free rein, so to speak, Evan dunks the end of the pole. Give him time, he seems to have the hang of it.  

With a little help, Evan boats his first fish, a largemouth black bass. For 2-year-old Evan that fish must be larger than life.

As evidenced by his smile, I'm guessing that Joe Jr. seems to have captured the action on his phone. It's been almost two decades since he first wet a line......  

And this is the guy who showed Joe Jr. the ropes. That's Joe Schlossel Sr. bringing a bass alongside the canoe.

Though Joe Sr. doesn't get to fish as much as he'd like, apparently he hasn't lost the touch!

With a lull in the action, Evan's attention turns toward the evening sky.....

What kid isn't fascinated with cloud formations?

Back at the dock, Evan gets into the canoe and grabs both paddles, just as he did before the evening began. He wasn't too pleased when we loaded the canoe onto the pickup. But a competent guide knows how to keep his clients happy and moments later Joe Jr. presented the young angler with a cherry-flavored freezy pop and just like that the canoe was forgotten. 

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