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August 17, 2022 - 9:05am

Eli Fish project to add seating and an outdoor experience

posted by Joanne Beck in news, Eli Fish Brewing Company, batavia, notify.


Zac Condidorio presented a project to expand the offerings, seating and view at Eli Fish Brewing Company during Tuesday’s city Planning and Development meeting.

There would be a wood frame deck, two levels, a patio furnace, brand new canopy to replace the old one, catenary lighting and a brick veneer, said Condidorio of Whitney East Inc. in Rochester. There was only one question neither he nor any committee members knew: was the building on the National Register of Historic Places?

Gray had originally proposed a more elaborate — and costly — “rock cage enclosure as a bench, with some wooden seating” that turned out to be too expensive, Condidorio said.

“He’s eliminated that thought process,” the contractor said. “To make the barrier between the public and the brewery is to have movable planter boxes, and basically, you can move them so that the city can maintain the space in the wintertime.”

There would also be a gate system for people to enter and exit between Jackson Square and the brewery at 109 Main St., Batavia.

Committee Chairman Duane Preston asked about the fire pit that is in the blueprint. That’s “not in my contract,” Condidorio said, “I don’t know what Matt is doing with that.”

Gray, operating under AGRV Properties, Inc. applied for the permit and approval for the approximately $140,000 addition to be built onto the back of Eli Fish and facing Jackson Square. He has also applied for a $20,000 grant from Batavia Development Corp. from its Revolving Loan Fund monies.

BDC’s board and City Council approved the request. Aid from grant funding will allow the applicant to replace the rear, exterior stairs and doors and assist in the cost of adding a large two-level patio attached to the rear of the building.


Condidorio’s building permit application is to construct a wood frame deck with steel frame wall mounted canopy and permanently installed patio furniture with a barrier at the rear of the property. The canopy will be clear roofing material so that the canopy stands out with the decking. There will be some ground level seating, which extends out to the property line, he said, pointing to the enlarged blueprint he displayed for committee members.

Modern catenary lighting, he said, which forms a curve with lights hanging freely from a wire, rope, or chain from two points that are not in the same vertical line, will be featured. Lighting is to flow downward, with no uplighting mapped into the project, he said, emphasizing that it’s to be an industrial style vibe.

Since there are apartments in and around the square, a committee member asked about disturbing neighbors and hours of operation. Condidorio believed Eli was open to 11 p.m., he said, and reviewed the lighting again. According to the company’s online hours, they go to 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, and 9 p.m. on other days.

Gray, who was not able to make the meeting, was relieved to receive a thumbs-up on the project, except for the historic register question. Turns out he knew the answer.

“Yes it is. It was added to the registry in 2018,” Gray said. “We are excited to be able to move forward with Eli's beer garden in Jackson Square. It is a project that's three years in the making, and (he and partners are happy) to finally get to this point in the project. It will seat up to 60 guests on two levels, half which will be covered.”

Condidorio was anxious and ready to begin work on the patio as soon as possible, he said. Eli Fish should be ready before the next Jackson Square concert series, Gray said. 

“We are expecting a May 2023 grand opening on the space,” Gray said.

The Batavian left messages with Preston and Code Enforcement Officer Douglas Randall regarding if and how being on the National Register will alter any of the construction plans or process.

To view the project, click here.

Top photo: Contractor Zac Condidorio shows one of the blueprints of the Eli Fish patio project; the rear space at present to be converted. Photos by Joanne Beck.

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