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What’s the plan? Hearing this week for Pavilion family’s proposed campground

By Joanne Beck


Jesse and Jolene Coots are keeping their fingers crossed for a positive outcome of their hearing this week. Pavilion Town Planning Board will be reviewing the Coots’ application and supporting documents for their Lokee-Hikee Campground at 10156 Perry Road, Pavilion.

"The hardest part of these projects is just starting," he said during an interview Saturday with The Batavian. "Our setbacks with neighbors are over the top. We're well within the code." 

The hearing is set for 7 p.m. Wednesday at Pavilion Town Hall, 1 Woodrow Drive, Pavilion. 

The Details …
The proposed site is 26.4 acres to be carved out of a total 110-acre property with woods, wetlands, and rolling topography. The campground is to be seasonally operated, neatly landscaped and maintained, and geared toward families, retirees, and seasonal occupancies, the application states.

Amenities are to include a registration building and camp store, food service, a swimming pool, public restrooms, and shower facilities, and a recreational fishing pond. 

The application is for approval of 145 total campsites that would be developed in multiple phases and compliant with the town’s zoning ordinance. In addition to the town  Planning Board’s approval, the project will also be reviewed by the Genesee County Planning Board and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.  

During a prior Planning Board meeting, Mr. Coots needed to address the use of an existing driveway at 10162 Perry Road, the campground’s main entrance, plans for the whole 110 acres (half to be for farming and half for campsites), water, septic, buffering, dark sky technology and the recreational area, according to meeting minutes.

Because the project’s original concept changed, the board recommended that the Coots had to “restart with a new complete site plan plus engineering” and return for another hearing. The board agreed to consider a campground site plan of up to 150 sites at that initial meeting in May 2021. 

The application also includes prospective “project benefits” of:

  • Positive economic impact to the town through bolstered sales at local restaurants, gas stations, golf course, laundry service, and retail stores.
  • Job growth potential from those businesses named above.
  • An increased town tax base.
  • Compliance of town codes, the Comprehensive Plan, and Environmental Regulatory mandates.
  • Buffering and setbacks (exceeding the minimum of 25 feet with nearly 150 feet) to mitigate any negative impacts to neighboring residents.

Time to Speak Up …
Public comments are encouraged during the hearing. Speakers may be given maximum time limits, and the board may terminate a speaker’s time for combative, rude, overly emotional, or non-relevant statements. 

The Coots encourage people to attend and speak up about the project. They wanted to have discussions with those who oppose it, but haven’t been able to do that, Mr. Coots said. He would like to be able to hear and address residents’ concerns, he said. 

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