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Woman charged in nail polish damage to car that was discovered after City Council meeting

By Joanne Beck
Jill Turner

An investigation stemming from the report of a vehicle that was damaged while the owner was at a City Council meeting on Sept. 12 has resulted in charges for Jill M. Turner of Batavia.

Turner, 40, was charged with criminal mischief, second-degree, upon her arrest on Oct. 13, city police said. She was arraigned in Batavia City Court and released on her own recognizance, to return at 1:30 p.m. Thursday.

The unidentified owner of the defiled automobile filed a claim after that September meeting, stating that someone had poured nail polish on her vehicle while she was at the meeting and a public hearing about a current law that allows farm animals within city limits.

Some residents, including the claimant, who lived near Turner had complained that her goats and other animals were a nuisance to the neighborhood. Turner was not at the meeting that drew some 30 people to the second-floor City Council chambers that evening. Shannon Maute, one of her neighbors, said she "was happy to see that an arrest had been made."

"We are tired of being tormented and bullied by Jill," Maute said to The Batavian Sunday evening. "I hope that this will send her a message that she can't get away with it any more. There are consequences for her actions and her behavior."

Detective Eric Hill had confirmed at the time when the damage was first noted that there was “an open investigation into the matter right now,” after The Batavian inquired about the damaged vehicle that was parked in Jefferson Square.

“I’m not sure on the level and location of polish and we don't have an estimate (of the value of the damage) at this time,” Hill had said in an email to The Batavian.

UPDATED 3:20 p.m.: According to a source close to the vehicle owner, the damage has been assessed at nearly $2,000.

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