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November 22, 2011 - 11:04am

Political Nonsense

posted by John Woodworth JR in Opinion.
John Woodworth JR
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Are you as tired as I am about this political nonsense? We have a super committee established to figure out a budget plan to get this nation back on track, a President who has no leadership abilities and shows that he is more self-serving, Democrats and Republicans who at like school children rather than professionals not to mention are also, self-serving.

Here is a great idea for budget cuts. STOP giving Senators, Congressmen and Presidents a retirement check. Why does an American Soldier who volunteers to serve this country and puts his life on the line, have to serve twenty years to collect a retirement check? A politician volunteers to run for office and is only required to serve one term to collect. They should have to serve at least 20 years and only get 40% of their base pay. Then once they are out of office have no reason to use taxpayer dollars to travel or protect them. Heck, to bring new ideas in we should place the same limitations on Senate and Congress seats as well do our President. Two terms your out.

Our government is full of selfish and arrogant people. Where else can you work and vote on your own raises and pay. I believe since, these politicians can't learn how to work with one another, that they should take a pay cut.

Taxing the rich is not the way out of our mess. How about we make laws to protect our society from the real leeches of society. Like people on welfare and assistant programs who abuse the system because, they are lazy. We have more people taking from society rather than contributing. How about America companies who take jobs away from this country, have a tariff placed on their product ship back to the US. Stop abusing Social Security and using to augment foreigners cost of living to live here.

So, cut unnecessary spending on welfare, retirement benefits for politicians who do not serve twenty years in office, and abusing social security. Come on America wake up before you are on the corner of a street eating rats, drinking drainage water and living inside a box or dumpster.

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