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Corfu eclipse events allow families to spend time together

By Kara Richenberg
Group of eclipse viewers in Corfu. 
Photo by Kara Richenberg.

During the eclipse events in Corfu, there was something sweet happening at Sweet Dream Maple Farm on Reynolds Road. Owners Al and Amy Stein had the farm open today for maple samplings, lunch, tours of the farm, and their shop was open for business.

When Al heard that the Darien Lake Hotel was going to be open for the eclipse weekend, he wanted to include their farm with all of the local happenings. 

"It's something for the visitors to do," Al said. "I opened everything as an extension of Maple Weekend." 

Nick and Tina were up here on a family trip from Danbury, Conn., with their three kids, Ben, Nicola, and Samantha. They heard of the events happening in Corfu from their Airbnb host, Amy Stein, and decided to keep their eclipse viewings local. 

Another stop was in the village of Corfu for their eclipse viewing party at Pembroke Intermediate School, which was free for all to attend. Many locals gathered for games of corn hole, miniature golf, trivia, and a cookout fundraiser for the church food pantry. 

Jim and Sara Hall of Corfu were excited to spend time with their kids today. 

"I took the day off of work," Jim Hall said. "It looks like it's going to be a dark one." 

He laughed.

"The three-day event was a great success," said Tom Sargent, the village of Corfu mayor. "It was well attended for a small community." 

He recapped that Corfu had the parade and dance on Saturday, which at one point had 45 people on the dance floor learning to square dance. The craft festival and movie night on Sunday also had great turnouts. 

"The weather definitely affected the turnout today," Sargent said. 

Even though it was a cloudy day for everyone in Genesee County, Corfu was able to catch a couple of glimpses between clouds before the total eclipse.

There was widespread agreement that it was an exciting event even though the actual total eclipse wasn't visible.

Al Stein next to the evaporator at his farm.
Photo by Kara Richenberg.
Abby Richenberg, of Corfu, admiring a 1-month-old calf named Ace.
Photo by Kara Richenberg.
Photo of Ben, Nick, Tina, Nicola, and Samantha, from Danbury, Conn.
Photo by Kara Richenberg.
Testing out the eclipse glasses.
Photo by Kara Richenberg.
Overlooking Sweet Dream Maple Farm.
Photo by Kara Richenberg.
Village of Corfu Mayor Tom Sargent with police officers B. Dolac, R. Lewis, and D. Drozdiel. 
Photo by Kara Richenberg.
Liam Neth, of Corfu, making the shot in miniature golf.
Photo by Kara Richenberg.
Jim and Sara Hall, of Corfu, playing corn hole.
Photo by Kara Richenberg.
A quick glimpse of a "sliver" of the eclipse.
Photo by Kara Richenberg.
Sun coming back up on the other side.
Photo by Kara Richenberg.

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