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May 7, 2009 - 8:06am
posted by Howard B. Owens in batavia, crime, Le Roy, pemroke.

jeffbald.jpgWhen Jeffrey D. Bald, 27, of Wolcott Street in LeRoy, allegedly fled from police following a reported domestic disturbance, he did more than just send law enforcement officers on a chase, he also reportedly disrupted 9-1-1 service for the village.

Bald reportedly lost control of his vehicle on Myrtle Street and struck a utility pole. That accident caused disruption to the emergency call service, which has now been restored.

UPDATE: We just received this correction from Chris Hayward, chief of police: 

911 service still an issue.  Frontier working on it and they hope to have it resolved by this afternoon.  911 calls being forwarded to 768-2527, if that is busy calls then route to the County.  If they call 911 and still experience a problem call 768-2527 directly. 

Events began around 9:15 p.m. at Bald's residence, where police were called because of a possible domestic dispute.  En route to the residence, police say they spotted Bald driving from the scene on Wolcott.

Bald reportedly drove into the intersection of Route 5, turning westbound on Route 5, nearly striking another vehicle head-on.

Officers attempted to stop the vehicle, but Bald reportedly headed the wrong way down Bacon Street. Upon reaching Route 19, Bald reportedly drove his car southbound to Myrtle Street, which is where he apparently lost control.

Bald then reportedly attempted to flee the scene on foot and he was taken into custody about a half mile from the site of the accident.

Police report speeds in the vehicle chase never exceeded 50 m.p.h.

Bald is charged with DWI, aggravated unlicensed operation, resisting arrest and leaving the scene of a property damage accident, along with other violations. He is being held in Genesee County Jail on $5,000 bail.

Amanda Wittmann, 21, of Bennington, is charged with rape. Wittmann is accused of sexual relations with a 16-year-old in Washington, where authorities issued a warrant for her arrest. She was arrested in Pembroke.

Micahel Innes, 55, of Rochester, is likely going to pay more for his untaxed cigarettes than he anticipated. Yesterday, Innes was stopped in Oakfield for an alleged traffic violation. A Sheriff's deputy noticed more than 400 cigarettes in his car, which is a violation of New York State tax code. Innes will appear in Oakfield Town Court to answer the charges June 8.

Lamarr Randell, 23, of Buffalo, was stopped for allegedly speeding in Pembroke. Deputies report they found marijuana in his possession.  He was cited for both alleged violations.

Timothy Mcjury, 21, of Alexander, is charged with petty larceny for allegedly shoplifting at Home Depot in Batavia.

Joseph Henrick, 59, of Stafford, is accused of violating an order of protection. He is charged with criminal contempt.

May 1, 2009 - 11:26am
posted by Howard B. Owens in fire, Le Roy.

A firefighter suffered possible heat exhaustion and the family of a home at 70 Church St. in Le Roy has been displaced after a blaze that may have been caused by a discarded cigarette caused extensive damage to the residence.

We received an e-mail this morning from Chief Tom "Woody" Wood confirming the fire we first reported last night (thanks to notification of two alert readers).

The fire was reported at 11:15 p.m.

The firefighter, who is not identified, remains hospitalized this morning for observation.

Here's the full text of Wood's e-mail:

Last night's fire came in about 11:15pm.  First chief on location with a confirmed working bedroom fire.  An additional alarm was transmitted requesting one engine from Bergen and Pavilion to the scene along with Town of Batavia Fast team while Stafford did our fill-in.  At this time we are not releasing the names of the three occupants that were displaced and had to be relocated by the red cross.  Preliminary result indicate a POSSIBLE discarded cigarette.  One firefighter was transported to the hospital for possible heat exhaustion and currently remains there for observation.  The residence suffered extensive damage and the figured amount has yet to be determined. 

April 30, 2009 - 11:53pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in fire, Le Roy.

A house fire at 70 Church St. in the Village of Le Roy has been mostly knocked down, according to a county dispatcher.

Firefighers from Le Roy, Stafford, Bergen and Byron responded to the blaze.

No other information available at this time.

Thank you to two alert readers who e-mailed The Batavian about the late night fire. If anybody has any pictures, please e-mail or post.

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February 12, 2009 - 11:40pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in Le Roy, weather.

An ice damn that formed on Oatka Creek caused some flooding in the Village of Le Roy, according to a report on the R-News Web site.

LeRoy Fire Chief Bill Wood told R-News that crews spent the day pumping water from basements along Munson Street.

There were also problems with the sewer system, according to the report, but those issues have been cleared up.

No word on an estimated amount of damage to any property.

February 12, 2009 - 12:14am
posted by Brian Hillabush in basketball, Le Roy, sports, Le Roy.

Le Roy won its second game of the season Wednesday night, dropping visiting Letchworth 43-31.

Allison Macomber scored 14 points with Rachel Hayward adding 10 points. Megan Lowe pitched in seven points while grabbing 10 rebounds.

Kelly Proper scored 14 points to lead the Indians (6-13).

Le Roy is now 2-17.

January 23, 2009 - 2:36pm
posted by Philip Anselmo in history, Le Roy, Le Roy.

Most of my day out in Le Roy today was spent wandering around Main Street and environs, snapping photos of whatever caught my eye. I've put together this post to share a few of those pictures with you. A few of these places have much more going on that what I have been so far able to dig up. While I continue the dig, maybe you can share some of what you know.

This façade is typical of the fronts on Main Street: tall, flat and home to a Christian fellowship. You can see that the top row of windows are all boarded up. Do you know of any plans for those flats?

This here is the front of One Main Street, one time home to the Ganson Inn, though most recently occupied by the Creekside Inn restaurant and bar. A fire put the place out of commission a few years back, we were told. Fortunately, the building is being renovated and will once again be transformed into a restaurant and bar.

This is what the building renovations look like on the side of One Main Street. As you can see, they're pretty extensive. A lot going on. We're hoping to get more details once we get in touch with the current owner. Look for more on that in the future.

This photo doesn't quite capture the splendor of this view. It's too small. Anyhow, the view is of a liberty statue next to what I believe is the school, looking out over the frozen creek.

I'll be back out in Le Roy next week, looking for more stories, more news. Please don't hesitate to contact me in the meantime with tips and suggestions.

January 23, 2009 - 1:50pm
posted by Philip Anselmo in history, Le Roy, food, Le Roy, Eagle Hotel.

It's been a placid day out here in Le Roy today. It's cold but not too cold. Grey but not too grey. So many homes here have shutters. It reminds me of the Parisian suburbs, peopled with tree-lined rues and avenues and stately, majestic homes. After a morning of work and wandering and talking up the few folks I already know in the area, I pulled up a stool at the Eagle Hotel for a hot lunch.

You can't read the plaque in this photo—obviously—but it's there, behind the tree. It reads: "Here at the Eagle Hotel the LeRoy village government was organized on July 12, 1834. Presented in honor of the LeRoy Sesquicentennial 1984." Sesquicentennial means 150th anniversary. Of course, 2009 would then make this the 175th anniversay of the village. Rochester and Toronto are also in the midst of their 175th. That's the demisemiseptcentennial for you other logophiles out there.

So we know that the Eagle Hotel, too, has been around for at least 175 years, likely more. Unfortunately, the owner, Nancy Scott, was not around to chat with me when I stopped by for a fish fry—tasty and served with a smile—earlier today. I'm looking forward to finding out more about the place. A couple folks at the bar were able to tell me enough to only whet my appetite further. For example, it used to be a stagecoach stop on the route between Buffalo and Canandaigua. A few folks even swore that much of the furniture inside, including an old liquor cabinet and the bartop, are leftovers from the days when the Eagle likely served sarsparilla and the clientele knew the difference between the withers and the croup.

Anyhow, the Eagle is old, and, according to the bartender who readily admits a fear of the ghosts who haunt the place, it's got its share of stories to tell. Once we find out more about the place, we'll share it with you.

January 23, 2009 - 8:46am
posted by Philip Anselmo in batavia, Le Roy, Le Roy.

The Batavian is spending the day in Le Roy today. In fact, I'm already sitting, sipping a coffee at Javas on Main—p.s., they make a fine breakfast sandwich: the bacon is crisp, the egg tasty and the bagel oozes buttery goodness. Plus the service is a dream. Of course, I'm working, too. Of course.

So if you've got any ideas for what we should do while we're here—places to see, people to talk to, shops to visit, restaurants to patronize—please let me know. I'm on the hunt for Le Roy stories. I'm sure they're out there.

January 7, 2009 - 7:25am
posted by Philip Anselmo in wbta, schools, Le Roy, weather, ice.

Several area school districts have delayed opening school for two hours as a result of icy roads, according to WBTA's Dan Fischer. They include: Batavia City Schools, Attica, Le Roy and Pavilion. Fischer reports that a number of roads simply have yet to be salted.

In other news, 40 workers have been let go at Lapp Insulators in Le Roy. On its Web site, the company is described as "a world-leading manufacturer of high voltage ceramic and composite insulators for the global electric utility industry." A loss of 40 employees will bring the total workforce down to 98. There is no news on the WBTA site as to why the company enforced the lay offs.

December 25, 2008 - 1:58pm
posted by Brian Hillabush in football, Le Roy, sports, Oakfield, Le Roy.

 Congratulations to Le Roy wide receiver Mike Humphrey for making the Democrat & Chronicle All-Greater Rochester football first team.

Humphrey is very deserving of the honor and had one of the best seasons any receiver has had in area football in many, many years.

The senior caught 63 passes for 892 yards and made it in the end zone a whopping 15 times, while guiding the Oatkan Knights to the Section 5 Class C championship.

Humphrey should excel at the University at Bufalo, Brockport or Cortland.

But the D&C again failed to give any love to our local teams, especially the Genesee Region League.

Oakfield-Alabama offensive/defensive lineman Chris Williams has been an all-state selection and has been the most dominant lineman in the GR since Pembroke's Chris Lauzze, who started at center this year for the MAC champion UB Bulls.

Here is the list of the Genesee Region League honorable mentions:

Genesee Region: Craig Campbell (Oakfield-Alabama), Chris Williams (Oakfield-Alabama), Graham Jensen (Pembroke), Craig Houseknecht (Batavia Notre Dame), Derek Hicks (Oakfield-Alabama), Ken Babcock (Pembroke), Kevin Francis (Batavia Notre Dame), Andrew Wright (Pembroke), Andy Ruddock (Attica), Tim Smith (Oakfield-Alabama), Brad Riner (Oakfield-Alabama), David Kleckler (Pembroke), Noah Seward (Oakfield-Alabama), Matt Klotzbach (Pembroke), Ray Paul (Barker), Tyler Kowalczyk (Oakfield-Alabama), Kevin Gallinger (Attica), Rick Lair (Batavia Notre Dame), Josh Hanel (Pembroke), John Koening (Oakfield-Alabama), Shawn Dupuis (Attica), A.J. Kehlenbeck (Oakfield-Alabama), Mike Dibble (Pembroke), Matt Thompson (Batavia Notre Dame).

I can't see how Williams, Smith, Wright and Ruddock (and maybe others) didn't get consideration for at-least second team.

Williams not making first team, heck, not making second team - is about the biggest joke and yet another example of the D&C blowing off the small schools and only caring about the big city schools.

Oh yeah, there was one local second team selection; Le Roy's Jordan Casper. Casper was an excellent offensive lineman and well deserving of an honorable mention selection. But where is Travis Fenstermaker?

Fenstermaker had an amazing career at Le Roy and is one of the top quarterbacks to ever play for the school. As great as Humphrey is - and trust me, he has some of the best hands I've ever seen - he is nowhere where 892 yards and 15 touchdowns without Fenstermaker getting him the ball.

I have a message that I really want the D&C and Section 5 officials to hear. I've said it before, and I'm going to keep saying it.

There should be two All-Greater Rochester teams, so the large school and small school kids can be honored. And the Eddie Meath game has turned into a joke, with coaches only playing the large school kids and giving the kids from the GR and smaller Livingston Conference schools little to no playing time. It is also time for two Eddie Meath games.

Come on. Oakfield-Alabama and Pembroke had great teams with an epic battle in the semifinals, O-A lost to Le Roy in the finals and Notre Dame advanced to the finals as well. Not a single GR player even earned second team honors. 


UPDATE: This has become a very heated debate on Talksback.

December 13, 2008 - 1:47am
posted by Brian Hillabush in batavia, football, Le Roy, sports, Le Roy.

 I just found an interesting story on the Hornell Evening Tribune.

The story primarily deals with Wellsville moving from Livingston Conference Division II to Division I, and renewing a rivalry with Hornell.

But that isn't the most interesting thing I took from the story, which was written by my former college friend Derrick Balinsky, the sports editor.

Pending final approval by the Superintendents of Livingston County, there will be a division realignment for the Livingston County Athletic Association for the 2009 football season, moving Wellsville from Division II to Division I, joining Hornell, Livonia, Wayland-Cohocton, Dansville and Bath-Haverling. Also making the move from Division II to Division I is LeRoy.

Assuming this move gets approved, it probably makes some major changes for the Le Roy football team. The story makes no mention as to how next season's schedules will be made up, but will the Oatkan Knights lose out on playing rival Caledonia-Mumford?

The Red Raiders are going to stay in Division II. Letchworth is always another fun game for Le Roy, and the Indians will stay in D2.

Hornell, Bath, HF-L, Livonia, Dansville and Wayland-Cohocton were in Division I last year with Le Roy, Cal-Mum, Avon, Letchworth, Canisteo-Greenwood and Wellsville making up Division II.

Next season, Le Roy would have six games already on the schedule for Division I opponents, which means that one the non-league games against Batavia or Cal-Mum would have to go.

Le Roy and Batavia have played each other for the last four seasons, renewing a rivalry that was halted in 1959. Le Roy and Cal-Mum have been playing since football was invented.

The Oatkan Knights will probably play Cal-Mum with its non-division game, because if that rivalry game was stopped there would be absolute chaos in Section 5.

So it is safe to assume that Le Roy and Batavia will not be playing next season. The Blue Devils played an independent schedule last year, which was made up of mostly Finger Lakes schools. Batavia will probably end up back in the Monroe County League, and the great Batavia/Le Roy rivalry games are probably coming to an end. 


December 8, 2008 - 10:54pm
posted by Brian Hillabush in Le Roy, sports, Le Roy.

Mike Humphrey led Le Roy with just 11 points, but his teammates chipped in plenty and the Oatkan Knights beat host Pavilion 52-40 Monday in boys basketball.

Andrew Alexander pitched in eight points.

Jack Jeffres had 19 points and 13 boards for Pavilion.

Le Roy is 1-1. 


Sam D'Agostino had a game-high 10 points and Brittani Reis added eight as Kendall downed Holley 28-22 in a girls basketball game.

Jen Lasch had seven points for the Hawks (1-1)

Kendall is 2-1.


December 1, 2008 - 9:19pm
posted by Brian Hillabush in football, Le Roy, sports, Le Roy.

 I received an e-mail from my good friend Ed Henry from www.leroyfootball.com that is well worth sharing with The Batavian family.

Here are some of the crazy numbers put up by quarterback Travis Fenstermaker, running back Andrew Alexander and wide receiver Mike Humphrey in their high school careers.

Travis Fenstermaker – 3 years; 35 games

2008: 101 of 165 for 1544 yards and 24 TDs (61.2%)


Career passing: 178 of 303 (59%) for 2658 yards and 41 TDs – just 7 INTs in 303 passes
Career rushing: 204 carries for 1027 yards – 11 TDs – 5.0 yard avg.
Career receiving: 3 rec. for 46 yards – 2 for TDs
His 3731 yards of total offense (2658 passing + 1027 rushing + 46 receiving) gave him 106.6 yards/game average for 35 career games
Defense: 87 tackles

21-2 record as starting QB (91%): 2 losses by a total of 4 points to 2 state champions
(1-point loss in 2007 to Bishop Ludden and 3-point loss to Southwestern in 2008).  Never lost to a Section 5 opponent.
2008 Knights averaged more points per game than any team in LR history: 41 ppg.

Accounted for 453
points in his career:
points he scored himself via 13 TDs (run and rec.)  4 field goals, 107 kicked PATs , and 2 run PATs.
points to others: 41 TD throws and 3 PAT throws


Mike Humphrey – 3 years; 29 games

All-time leading receiver in LR football history – season and career:

2008: 63 rec. for 892 yards and 15 TDs to lead Section 5
98 career receptions for 1421 yards and 25 TDs; 15 yards/catch

Career interception leader
at LeRoy and likely among all-time Section 5 performers with 19 – his 9 in 2007 led NY state

108 career tackles on defense

Andrew Alexander – 2 years; 20 games

With ZERO prior VARSITY experience (3 carries for 6 yards as a junior as he was utilized as a receiver in 2007) he was placed at RB for the 2008 Knights and responded with:

207 carries for 1525 yards; 7.4 yards per carry
  and 14 rushing TDs
9 receptions for 5 TDs and 1 fumble recovery (huge one vs. Avon) for 20 total TDs

312 yards on 31 carries (10.1 yards per carry)
in sectional semifinal win over Letchworth

One of the hardest hitters on defense for the Knights: 73 tackles in 2 seasons


Knights are having their finest decade ever.  Just one year to go in the 2000’s, the Knights are 85-13 (87%) from 2000 through 2008 (9 seasons).  LeRoy has never had a sub-.500 winning percentage in any full decade in their 112-year program – 1897 thru 1899 withstanding as they played just 7 games total in those 3 years, going 1-6.


November 28, 2008 - 8:35am
posted by Brian Hillabush in football, Le Roy, sports, Le Roy.

 The Democrat & Chronicle this morning announced the Section 5 Players of the Year in every classification.

The only local player to receive the honor was Le Roy's Travis Fenstermaker in Class C. He won the Offensive POY, which was announced on The Batavian on Nov. 6.

Here is what the D&C writes about Fenstermaker.

Le Roy senior quarterback Travis Fenstermaker had 59 completions out of 98 attempts for 970 yards and 18 touchdowns through his team's first eight games of the season. He was also 1-for-2 on field goal attempts and 29-for-31 on extra point kicks. He will attend Buffalo in the fall, where he will play baseball and pursue a degree in physical education.

You can check out the entire write-up of the Players of the Year in each class here.

November 28, 2008 - 8:28am
posted by Brian Hillabush in Le Roy, sports, Le Roy, soccer.

Senior midfielder Brittany Luckey had a fantastic high school soccer career, and will be ending it with a second big honor.

The five-year starter for Le Roy had already won Livingston Conference Division I Player of the Year and now is named to the All-Greater Rochester second-team by the Democrat & Chronicle today.

Luckey was a three-time captain for the Oatkan Knights, who won the Section 5 Class B title this season. Well, actually shared it with Greece Odyssey after playing to a 0-0 tie. Odyssey moved on to the state tournament after winning a shootout.

Luckey scored 31 goals and had 81 assists in her high school career and led Le Roy to a sectional title three times in five seasons. The Oatkan Knights went 12-2-6 this season. She scored 12 goals with 22 helpers this season.

No other local players made the AGR first or second team, but 17 players received honorable mentions for the Genesee Region League.

Julie Brooks (Holley), Hannah Wilson (Alexander), Abby Shilvock (Alexander), Lindsey Hall (Alexander), Christina West (Attica), Corinne VanSchoick (Holley), Rachel Warren (Pembroke), Rachel Pettys (Alexander), Chloe Smith (Wheatland-Chili), Emily Troup (Holley), Hillary Bates (Oakfield-Alabama), Julie Marshall (Elba), Todne Crowe (Byron-Bergen), Kaila Browe (Kendall), Chelsi Clark (Elba), Stacy Maskell (Byron-Bergen), Nicole Sharick (Pembroke).

Stacy Hein of Batavia received an honorable mention for Monroe County. You can check out the entire All-Greater Rochester girls team here.


November 19, 2008 - 8:37am
posted by Philip Anselmo in batavia, history, music, Le Roy, live music.

Rochester's Democrat & Chronicle featured a reader-submitted story yesterday about the Le Roy-based Mighty St. Joe's Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps, which is readying its members for the upcoming season. The crew met for their first practice a little over a week ago. Here's what Bob Wielgosz had to say about that first session:

There were over 80 current, former and new members in attendance, including 44 brass, 20 percussion and several from the guard and staff. The corps, one of the oldest alumni corps in existence, is in its 19th year of performing this coming year, including events like indoor and outdoor concerts, parades and field shows.

It turns out the group got its start here in Batavia more than three-quarters of a century ago.

St. Joseph's Drum Corps was originally founded in 1931 by the Rev. T. Bernard Kelly, pastor of St. Joseph's Church in Batavia. In 1951, corps graduates formed St. Joseph's Drum Corps Association Inc. to perpetuate Father Kelly's work. The corps operated as a parade corps till the late 1950s when it became a field competition corps. During the 1960s, Mighty St. Joe's rose to National and International prominence, consistently ranking among the top ten junior corps in the country. In top level competition, St. Joe's placed as high as fourth in National and second in World Open competition. Unfortunately, 1971 was the final year of competition for the pride of Batavia.

Anyone can join the crew. You only have to be at least 21 years old. Check out their Web site for more information, show times and how to join.

November 12, 2008 - 1:00pm
posted by Philip Anselmo in batavia, restaurants, business, downtown, finance, Le Roy, Pontillo's.

Last week, The Batavian reported that Pontillo's Pizzeria owed in excess of $112,000 in state taxes. That report came on the heels of an article in the Daily News in which Sam Pontillo claimed that he closed the restaurant in order to make renovations and officially purchase the property. A second article appeared in the Daily a couple days after our post that further confounded an already ambiguous story. Since then, more information has become available that may help us to ask some better questions in the hopes of getting some better answers.

On October 31, a civil suit was filed in Genesee County in which all three Pontillo brothers were named. That suit was brought by Buffalo attorneys Amigone, Sanchez, Mattrey & Marshall LLP on behalf of the plaintiff: John Pontillo. Listed as defendants in that case are: Sam, Paul and Salvatore Pontillo. No other details of the case were available at the Office of the Genesee County Clerk, and we have so far been unable to contact any of the brothers. We had left messages for Sam Pontillo last week that were never returned.

A week later, on November 7, a mechanic's lien was filed with the county by Roy H. Turnbull Inc. againt the estate of Elizabeth Pontillo and Pontillo's Batavia Pizzeria Inc. in the amount of $1,181.29. No specifics were listed in the record.

Those are the most recent facts. A search earlier today revealed no new filings with the county. Let us now take a moment to review the news as it was reported in the Daily. We feel that there are some contradictions and ambiguities that may help to shed some light on the situation.

From the first article, which appeared on November 4:

(Sam) Pontillo was advised that it would be better to just close the shop down and then re-open under new ownership. He regrets that he had to cancel a pre-election night party ... But he had no choice, Pontillo said. He was told that renovations were to happen now.

Firstly, who "advised" Sam Pontillo to close and "told" him that renovations had to "happen now"? In the same article, Beck writes that: "Sam has been on site running the Batavia and Le Roy operations the last several years." So if he's running the place, who is telling him to close it? Secondly, what are these renovations that they cannot be postponed even a single day so that the restaurant could cater a local party?

What's most confusing, however, is that in this first article, Sam Pontillo claims responsibility for both operations, in Le Roy and in Batavia. He would have to be running the place in order to make the decision to close it down, right? But in the article that appeared in the Daily on November 7—after The Batavian broke the news that the Batavia restaurant owed some $112,000 in unpaid taxes to the state—Sam Pontillo is quoted as saying: "I was locked out of the whole operation. John and Paul worked there (in Batavia). John was operations manager." Doesn't that contradict the claim in the previous article that Sam has been running the place for "years"?

Joanne Beck writes:

It was only after (Sam Pontillo) started the paperwork to buy the city property that Sam Pontillo became fully aware of the tax situation, he said. He doesn't dispute that tax warrants have been filed by the state Finance Department and Genesee County Clerk's office against the family business, which includes Pontillo's Batavia Pizzeria, Inc. and Sam's Tomato Pies, Inc.

But he doesn't claim them as his, either. The business is still owned by his mother and was not run by Sam, he said.

What!? Does Sam Pontillo run the business or not? What does it mean to be "fully aware"? Could he have been "partially" aware? What would that have signified? How can Sam not claim the tax warrants filed against Sam's Tomato Pies?

It is also reported in the most recent Daily News article that: "Genesee County records did not show any outstanding tax warrants on the Le Roy Pontillo's." That's true. As Sam Pontillo himself says of the Le Roy location: "I don't owe one cent for this place."

But Pontillo's Le Roy Pizzeria Inc. has been named in a civil suit filed by the Workers' Compensation Board of the State of New York that was filed on October 20. The Board also filed a money judgement in the amount of $1,250 against the Le Roy operation. As for any outstanding tax warrants, there are none. Pontillo's Le Roy Pizzeria Inc. was, however, served with a tax warrant by the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance in the amount of $700.63 in November, 2007. That was paid.

All in all, there are more questions than answers at this point, and I have yet to see a single car parked at the Batavia Pontillo's, which is supposed to be undergoing renovations right now. I guess we ought to take Sam Pontillo at his word when he says: "The remodeling won't be an obvious change that patrons will notice."

October 31, 2008 - 4:23pm
posted by Philip Anselmo in video, Le Roy, Jell-O, Le Roy, Jell-O gallery.

Here's a little something I put together after a visit to the Jell-O Gallery in Le Roy earlier this week. We only included part of the tour here in the hopes that folks might get interested and go visit the museum to see the rest.

One other quick thing... You may have noticed that the format of the videos have changed somewhat, and in my honest opinion, for the better. We're testing out a new video hosting site called blip.tv. I'm already a big fan. Blip has great video quality, as you can clearly see.You'll also notice that the screen is slightly bigger. If you visit the video on the Blip Web site, the screen is another three times as large as this! Simply visit thebatavian.blip.tv to see our videos in a larger screen format. If all goes well, and we don't have any problems, I'll go ahead and trasnfer our other older videos to Blip.


October 30, 2008 - 8:15am
posted by Philip Anselmo in wbta, Le Roy.

A home on Route 5 near Keeney Road in Le Roy suffered extensive fire damage last night, according to WBTA's Dan Fischer. The blaze broke out shortly after 7:00pm, and although fire crews were able to get it under control soon after they arrived, the fire "had a good start" and caused considerable damage. No injuries have been reported, and no cause has yet been determined. Investigation will continue today.

October 27, 2008 - 8:06am
posted by Philip Anselmo in batavia, wbta, Le Roy.

Flu shots will be offered at the Presbyterian Church at Main and Clay streets in Le Roy from 10:00am to noon today, courtesy of the Genesee County Health Department.

In other news, leaf collection begins in Batavia today on River Street in the southside and Redfield Parkway in the north. Leaf piles need to be free of sticks and any other "foreign materials" and placed near the curb line in the street. Residents of Oak, Main and Ellicott streets should place their leaves in the space between the sidewalk and the street.

Batavia's City Council meets this evening at 7:00pm at City Hall.

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