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City Court gives Northside Meadows until April 7 to address code violations

By Mike Pettinella

The property manager of Northside Meadows today said that he is optimistic that the United States Department of Agriculture’s regional office will approve a proposal that would enable his company to rectify code violations and pay back taxes in connection with the subsidized apartment complex at 335 Bank St.

David Renzo of V&V Development of Batavia said he appeared in City Court on Thursday after receiving a summons from the City of Batavia’s code enforcement department, which cited two of the Northside Meadows’ buildings for roof, drainage and fire code violations.

“The court, understanding that I’m trying to work out a plan with the USDA, has given me more time to correct the situation,” Renzo said. “I’m waiting for them to review and approve my proposals.”

Renzo said he hopes the USDA authorizes funding soon as he wishes to replace the roofs before winter.

“Over the past couple weeks, we put more tarps on it and, hopefully, weather permitting, if we can get approval on funding, we may be able to do it during the winter,” he said.

USDA funding also would take care of the tax situation, Renzo said. As of Oct. 25, Northside Meadows’ tax bill with the City of Batavia was $167,544.26.

City Code Enforcement Officer Doug Randall confirmed that the case has been adjourned to April 7, 2022.

Robert Radley

I guess speaking the truth after living in one of his complexes and having to wait SEVEN years before anything was done with the roof (after he lost the contract) and being told for SEVEN years that repairs would be done and they weren't is considered a personal attack?

Nov 21, 2021, 11:58am Permalink

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