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Oh the Responses We Weave

By Patrick D. Burk

A few short days ago I wrote a small blog entry on the wonders of America and the heroism that was displayed during the Hudson River Rescue.  I am still in awe of that total sense of sacrifice and service.  I also included a request that everyone give our President Barack Obama some time to accomplish things and recognize that he too needs to step up  to serve and strive greater than any recent President to help solve our mounting problems.  I do believe he will be a wonderful President.  In his first two days of office, he has achieved and accomplished so much.  I don't see vacation on his schedule anytime soon.

With all that being said, my simple request for time and patience and my belief that Americans in general do feel positive about the new President (recent poll showed 83% felt positive) has resulted in some of the very sophmoric replies that really do rankle me.  For an American to use a person's name as a "slur" or negative connotation is just as demeaning and nasty as using many of the words that we have defeated in the past.  Equating the President's middle name as a negative reference is perhaps the lowest of low.

I respect that all Americans have freedom of speech, but that does not mean I have to like it, tolerate it or even accept it.  It basically takes an unintelligent mind to become so low that a person's name can be used as such.   Our President's name is Barack Hussein Obama.  Learn to live with it and if you don't like it ignore it, but don't use a man's name as derision or as a blatant racist attempt to lower him in the eyes of America.  I happen to think it is a great name that reflects "all that is indeed possible in this wonderful country we call home".

My "Time to Renew" blog entry is exactly what it says.  I believe it is such a time in America.   Time to heal and to move forward, to enlighten those who lead into greater service and to call up to service those that want to lead.  It was meant to reflect on the heroism in the Hudson River as a wonderful exmple of "people helping and indeed saving people".   To my amazement it solicited 62 responses to date, many of which contained hateful insights, off-topic giberish and senseless drivel. Some of the responses attempted to lower hope and return to name calling nastiness.  Other responses attempted to prove who was smarter, who knew more and who could have the last word.  That certainly isn't renewal.  It is rehashing the crap from that past.  As an American, I feel that is not acceptable.

Now it is my turn.  Like I said before, I respect your freedom of speech and the open medium of blogging.    Please remember, my intent is to be positive and to express hope and solutions for the future.   If your intent is not the same then take a flying leap.  Start your own blog that points out who is better than who, uses names as damaging labels and resorts to one-up-man-ship.  As the old adage goes, if you are not part of the solution, guess what..... you are part of the problem.  Please join me on the side of Solutions and Hope.

Stay Safe, Prayers for our New Leaders and as always, Thanks for listening.

David Lazik

You words are truly inspirational. I'm sorry that among the comments you received, it appears bigotry & narrow-mindedness are alive & well in Genesee County. Ironically, I suspect some of that is due to the undue influence & brainwashing of so-called religious "fundamentalist" fanatics who continue to distort the true message of Christianity.

Jan 22, 2009, 4:01pm Permalink
Doreen Bortle

I too am on the side of solutions and hope. For the first time in a very long time, I feel hopeful that we, as a Nation, can dig ourselves out of the mess we find ourselves in. For the first time in a long time, I think that maybe, just maybe, the United States of America can be looked upon in the world with respect and as the fair and free Nation that it was intended to be.

In my opinion, much of the petty arguing and hateful dialogue that is contained in the comments to Pat’s first blog boil down to the inability of either side being able to see anything other their own “side”. It is a complicated world and there is no black or white answer.

I disagree with one commenter’s suggestion that President Obama is a backpeddler. I believe that he is a realist who is looking at the enormous problems our Nation has and is willing to be wise, patient, smart, thoughtful, and intelligent. I would want my own problems approached in the same manner.

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