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Borrello named chair of GOP campaign committee for Senate

By Press Release


Press release:

Today, the New York State Senate Republicans announced Senator George Borrello as the new Chair of their campaign committee for the upcoming election cycle. Leader Rob Ortt selected Borrello to succeed Senator Pam Helming, who has led the campaign committee as Chairwoman since July 2020. 

“I want to thank Senator George Borrello for stepping into this role to help us grow the Senate Republican Conference,” said Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt. “An effective campaign committee is critical to our goal of electing Republican Senators who will fight to make New York safer and more affordable, and help end one-party rule in Albany. I am confident Senator Borrello has the energy and leadership skills necessary to strengthen our political operation heading into 2024 and compete in every corner of this state.”

“It is an honor to have the opportunity to Chair the Senate Republican Campaign Committee. I am grateful to Leader Ortt for the opportunity and commend Senator Helming for her leadership the past several years,” said Senator George Borrello. “This past election proved that the Republican Party can compete and win in every region of the state. I am excited to get to work recruiting top-tier candidates and developing the resources, relationships and alliances that will help us end one-party domination of our state government.”

“Having served as SRCC Chair since July of 2020, I am extremely proud of what we have been able to accomplish. In these past two years, we elected thirteen new Republican Senators and recruited hundreds of first-time donors to SRCC,” said Senator Pam Helming. “As Senator Borrello takes over as Chair, I know he will build upon our efforts to bring qualified leaders to our conference, strengthen our partnerships and continue to grow our base of support across the state. While I take on new roles within the conference, Leader Ortt, Senator Borrello, and the SRCC team will continue to have my full support.”

“Senator Pam Helming has done a superb job as Chairwoman, and our entire conference owes her a debt of gratitude for her stewardship,” continued Ortt. “During her time as Chair, Senator Helming helped recruit and elect outstanding candidates. This past election she helped us grow our Long Island delegation, expanded our donor base and strengthened our relationships with the Republican infrastructure across the state. I am proud of all her accomplishments and thank her for leaving the committee in a better place than she found it as Senator Borrello takes on the role as Chair.”

Photo: File photo by Howard Owens

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