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Bureau of Inspection focuses on Code Enforcement

By Press Release

Press Release:

   The condition of buildings and land in the City of Batavia plays a vital role in the quality of life enjoyed by the City's residents, merchants and visitors. Enforcement of the Municipal Property and Zoning Codes ensures that each property meets required standards. The Municipal Property and Zoning Codes protect the health, safety and welfare of those who live, work and visit the City, and conserves the value of the property and neighboring properties. It also conserves the value of the property and neighboring properties.

   The City of Batavia has a total of 4,460 residential structures, 514 commercial structures, and 34 Industrial structures. The condition and maintenance of these existing structures as well as the safe and code compliant construction of new buildings plays a vital role in the success of our businesses and City.  In order to preserve these structure and enhance neighborhoods, the Bureau of Inspection conducts property and building code inspections and code enforcement activity.

  “It is important that residents understand the role inspections plays here in Batavia, “ said Jill Wiedrick, Assistant City Manager. “Residents in Batavia seek a high quality of life in an aesthetically pleasing environment and are affected by what they see when they open their door every day. The Bureau of Inspection’s mission is to ensure a City where all residents have a clean, safe environment to live, work and play.”

  The goal of the Bureau of Inspection is to achieve timely voluntary compliance of code violations. Code Enforcement Officers balance the goal of gaining voluntary compliance with ensuring the health and safety of our residents. They attempt to minimize the negative impact violations such as peeling paint, missing roof shingles, vehicles parked on lawns, trash, debris, and high grass have on neighborhoods.

Code Enforcement Officers follow a scripted process when inspecting structures and enforcing the Code.

Step One: Inspection:

An inspection is conducted by a Code Enforcement Officer on the basis of a complaint, neighborhood survey, or a referral.  The primary focus of these inspections are on health, safety and removal of blight.  If violations are present, a Notice and Order citation is issued to the owner requiring correction.

Step Two: Re-inspection:

The Code Enforcement Officer re-inspects a cited property.  If the owner does not comply with the Notice and Order citation, the case will be prepared for the court process.

Mark Potwora

Yea well they should start with the mall. Buckets are accumulating around the entrance ways. Mold and musty smell. I would call that a hazard.

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