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Elmira College recognizes annual key award recipients

By Press Release

Press Release:

Elmira College recently announced this year's recipients of its annual Key Award. This year's award was given to 783 students in 16 states. A tradition that goes back to 1935, the Key Award is presented to outstanding students in their junior year of high school or preparatory school.

This year's recipients included:

  • Bethany Gracie of Bergen
  • Brennan Royce of Pavilion
  • Isabella Walsh of Batavia
  • Loretta Sorochty of Batavia
  • Kaidance Kimble of Byron
  • Riannon Newbould of Oakfield
  • Austin Pangrazio of Oakfield
  • Ava Chatt of Oakfield
  • Corina Dunn of Le Roy
  • Ella Radley of Batavia

"This award is given to students with the potential to excel academically, serve as leaders, and go on to enjoy success in life," said Charles Lindsay, president of Elmira College. "We hope they will choose to make Elmira College their place."

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