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ESL Federal Credit Union warns community about increase in fraudulent activity

By Press Release

Press Release:

We would like to raise awareness in the community about a recent increase in fraudulent phishing schemes designed to exploit members’ personal and financial information. 

As part of the most recent scheme, customers receive a text message asking them to provide personal information through a link, or receive a phone call from someone claiming they are from their bank or credit union asking to confirm their identity by providing personal details.

It’s important that customers refrain from providing information to these individuals. ESL will never ask you to:

  • Click links in text messages to verify information
  • Provide banking login credentials (i.e. User name and password)
  • Share Apple, Samsung, or Google ID information
  • Provide any two-factor authentication codes or confirm login codes that have been sent to your phone or email

Ensuring the safety of customer information is of the utmost priority. If you have any questions about a call, text, or piece of mail you received, please call us at 585.336.1000.

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