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GC treasurer and former legislature chairman endorse Sheron for Sheriff

By Press Release

Submitted photo and press release:

Sheriff William A. Sheron Jr. receives endorsements from Genesee County Treasurer Scott German (top photo, right) and former Genesee County Legislature Chair Robert Bausch.


From Scott D. German, Genesee County Treasurer:

I have known Sheriff Sheron for about 25 years and know him to be a true law enforcement professional.  Sheriff Sheron had the opportunity to learn from the best, from the retired Sheriff Gary T. Maha, whom Bill had the pleasure to work for as Undersheriff for 21 years. Sheriff Sheron has 43 years of law enforcement experience working for the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office, the last four as our Sheriff.  

Bill knows our Genesee County community, and he knows how to keep us safe at an economical cost to the taxpayers.  For the past 17 years as County Treasurer, I have worked with Bill regarding the finances of the Sheriff’s Office. He is acutely aware of the costs of law enforcement on the taxpayers, and he does keep that in mind when making decisions. Under Sheriff Sheron’s leadership, the department has continued to be in compliance of all 110 standards and has continued to be an accredited department since 2000.

Sheriff Sheron merits another four-year term as Genesee County Sheriff, and I fully endorse him for this position. Please join me in voting for William A. Sheron Jr. for another term as our Sheriff.


From former Genesee County Legislature Chair Robert Bausch:

As a former Genesee County Legislature Chair, Legislator, and Chair of the Ways and Means Committee, I worked with Bill in his capacity as Undersheriff and Sheriff on a very real-time basis.   

Without a doubt, he is very professional, experienced and strongly committed to the safety and welfare of the citizens of Genesee County and our many visitors.  His foresight and desire to continually improve all areas of responsibility of the Sheriff’s Office is commendable.  

Bill Sheron has earned, and deserves, our support on Election Day.

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