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Glogowski urges voters to vote Libertarian, decries Cuomo's 'legislative tyranny' on third parties

By Press Release

Press release from Mark Glogowski, Ph.D., Libertarian candidate, 139thAssembly District

Dear Residents of the 139thAssembly District:

The Democrats and Republicans may be right! This may be the most important election year of your life -- but not because one of the two major parties will win. You are about to lose another of your constitutional rights -- your ability to form an independent political third party. 

Legislation was passed unconstitutionally earlier this year in the budget and much of that legislation itself is being challenged as unconstitutional.

The last section of the Governor’s budget (S7508B/A9508B, part ZZZ) threatens the very existence of the current political third parties. That legislation raises the bar for recognition so high that Independent Nominating Bodies (INBs) (third parties in the making) are unlikely to ever be able to get their candidates on to the ballot in NYS. The INBs were required to collect three times more petition signatures than the Democrats and Republicans and now are required to collect nine times the number of signatures. Since the population in New York State has been essentially flat since 1965, what is their justification for raising these requirements? 

This legislation is deliberate and is intended to eliminate current political third parties as well as all INB attempts to place candidates on the ballot. The Democrats and Republicans want political third parties gone. Why? Because, they just created a new taxpayer funded campaign slush fund. That fund will supply to both the Democratic and Republican parties over $125 million each for their candidates and they don’t want political third parties or INB’s to dip into “their” taxpayer funded political slush fund. For the details, read the two articles on “Legislative Tyranny” on my website.

When one considers that 1) many legislative bills are unconstitutional, 2) incumbent legislators used an unconstitutional process to increase their salaries, 3) this year legislators walked away from their responsibility to legislate and unconstitutionally gave their legislative powers and responsibilities to the Governor, and 4) elected officials used their legislative powers to eradicate their political competition and reap the benefit of an enormous slush fund themselves, why would anyone even consider rewarding an incumbent with reelection? Demonstrating their willingness to ignore the NYS Constitution -- not one incumbent deserves to be reelected. 

Our society slid down the slippery slope and is now imbedded in tyranny quicksand. You have witnessed, and probably felt the consequences of the government tyranny -- civil unrest, financial hardship. While you still can, vote for people in a political party who will not trade your rights for government benefits. Cast your vote for liberty. Vote Libertarian and help end the tyranny. 

I will work to restore county representation in the Assembly, will oppose the creation of a regional government being inserted between county and the State governments (a proposal my opponent cosponsored), will work to promote legislation that encourages homeschooling, will work to eliminate state mandates, and will work to get government to comply with the Second Amendment prohibition and restore your Ninth and 10th Amendment rights to defend yourself and your family. 

This year, vote Libertarian.

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