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Perry Road in Pavilion closure and upgrade schedule

By Press Release

Press Release:

Perry Road, an essential roadway in Genesee County, is undergoing major improvements as part of a broader infrastructure enhancement initiative. Over the next few weeks, some road closures will occur as the project kicks off.

The project's main focus is replacing outdated cross culverts. These new smooth-bore plastic pipes are designed to handle more water and have a longer lifespan than the old corrugated steel pipes. 

Currently, work is happening near BW's Restaurant in Pavilion, where three culverts are being replaced. The project will then move north to a location approximately half a mile south of Route 20, between Rodgers Road and Route 20. Additional phases will address two pipes about a quarter-mile north of Route 20 and the central area of a new campground being developed on Perry Road. 

Please drive with caution as asphalt binder patches have been applied to pavement cuts. While not perfect, they will be in place through the winter. "ROUGH ROAD" signs are posted to alert drivers. 

The project is divided into several phases: 

  1. Cross Culvert Replacement: Ongoing work to upgrade failing culverts. 
  2. Ditch Maintenance: Scheduled for this fall or the upcoming spring, involving opening and cleaning ditches on the roadsides.
  3. Road Widening: In spring 2024, the road will undergo milling and filling to widen the shoulders. 
  4. Final Road Topping: Late summer/fall 2024 will see the road topped Hot Mix Asphalt. 

The goal of this project is to transform Perry Road into a fully rebuilt road, improving its functionality and durability. 

For more information, please contact Tim Hens at 585-344-8508.

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